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Alight Motion Effects Pack + Shake Effect Download

Alight Motion Effects Pack is the preset cutting-edge tool for designers. It allows you to acquire a picture-perfect impact on editing. This kit allows you to incorporate alight motion effects by selecting them over your video or photo content to get a good impact.

Then, modify the pace with other options. Also, screenshots and sample project files in this tutorial will walk you through each stage of how it operates.

This article guides you on how to apply a lighting effect to produce a spectacular light trail. Plus, for more information, visit the website to know without Watermarks. There has been a recent update that prevents watermarks from appearing in your photographs and movies.

Alight effects get found under the Effects panel’s Motion Transitions section. Also, add alight by dragging it onto your movie, then tweak the Effect’s settings as necessary. The colors, pace, direction, and other impact parameters can all get altered.

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Using Alight Motion Effects

After dragging and dropping Alight motion effects into your project, you can reveal or conceal the effect envelope using the Effect Settings panel. Also, using a mask for Effect or an alpha channel is a quick and easy technique to make a logo. You may construct the show by choosing the logo film and pressing the Mask button.

Beautiful trail effects are produced in your videos using the Alight motion effects pack. Also, select the alight Effect in the Settings panel and select a colour. Hence, other variables, such as contrast and glow intensity, can change.

  1. Trending Alight Motion Shake effect Download Links

A professional and cutting-edge tool for designers is called the Alight Shake Effect. To add the Alight Effect to your movie or photographs, drag it there. Plus, change settings for pace and other factors to get a good result.

shake effect
Create a shake effect using QR Code (import)
  • Don’t know how to use QR Codes to import these effects? CHECK How to use QR Codes for Alight Motion.

Users utilizes this effect in producing the animated lettering or dynamic light trails, which will turn your video into its focal point. Hence, there are no constraints, and you can easily download the shake effect from this page. Check videos on the internet and our guide to thoroughly understand the Alight Motion Shake effect download.

How to Apply the Shake Effect of Alight Motion on Video?

It’s a quick view of how you can add the shake effect to your editing video. So, look at this simple step process without wasting your time:

  • Users are able to ensure the compatibility and installation of this editing tool (Alight Motion Shake Effect) on their devices. 
  • Import your desired video from the device for shaking effect addition
  • Open the Shake Effect file of Alight Motion in your video editing library
  • Afterward, you may drag and drop this Shaking Effect on your editing project
  • Upgrade your video’s perfection by adjusting specific parameters. Here, you can adjust the direction, frequency, and intensity to enhance the visual impact of the video.
  • Once optimal effects add on your video then, preview your content
  • On your satisfactory results, you may export your video.
  1. The Light Glow Effect Download:

Users can customize any photograph or media layer with a Light Glow effect by altering the Threshold and Diffusion. If you briefly lower the Diffusion’s value before raising it again, it might be simpler to observe changes to the Threshold.

Beyond the layer’s borders, the Alight motion Light Effect stops. Use this Effect after adjusting layers to text and another colour layering. You can also utilize an alternative to put a rectangle layer over the top of your project and then use Light Glow to add lights to the lighter areas of all layers.

  1. Copy Background Effect Download:

One of Alight Motion’s most significant effects is the Copy Background effect. It duplicates the background pixels on the layer so it gets applied. Also, this Alight motion background effect isn’t beneficial on its own, but when paired with other products, it enables you only to use an effect on a portion of the layer-covered screen.

This Effect copies all of the combined layers behind the surface that it has applied into that layer. Also, the background pixels hidden by the opaque portions layer will get affected by any effects added.

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  1. Colorize Effect:
colorizing effect for alight motion

Layers of color transform into the YUV color space, where UV denotes light intensity and Y denotes brightness, to create the colorized Effect. The result then gets converted back to RGB space to apply the chosen hue at its maximum saturation as the primary color.

  • Utilize the color disc to modify the layer’s tint. Additionally, the angle determines the hue applied, and the radius determines its intensity. Also, the exact center of the disc retains its original hues, while the edges completely transform them to the chosen shade.
  • Plus, the hue and strength elements get tweened separately when Opaque gets animated with keyframes. It indicates that the intermediate colors will be seen along the way while transitioning. There are significant differences between the effects of Colorize and Color Tune.
  • Consequently, one can change how intensely dark or light regions of the layer get adjusted.
  1. Blur Effect:
making the video blur using qr code for alight motion effect

When rendering blur effects in Alight Motion, more processing power is needed than usual. Also, recognize blurring the layer rather than feathering it if it gets filled with a single solid color. Unlike Feather, Blur frequently produces higher-quality effects and performs faster in previews.

  1. The Blink Effect:

Make a layer blink between being visible and invisible by applying Blink to it.

Also, you may modify the layer’s blinking speed by adjusting the frequency.

Use this Effect to animate objects that flicker on and off, like the recording dot on a camera or pedestrian crossing signals.

  1. Chroma Key Effect:

To apply the Chroma key effect, adjust the Threshold first, then fine-tune the Feather until the edge appears as you desire. It is frequently beneficial to activate Defringe when working with a fuzzy or soft advantage topic.

Hence, the outcomes are greatly enhanced by properly setting up your stage and lighting. Assure you have a robust, eye-catching wall, fabric, or pop-up screen. Also, avoid creases if you’re using a cloth. Generally speaking, a solid bright green, blue, or orange is the best colour for the background.

  1. Color Tuning Effect:

Lift Gamma, Offset, and the Color Tuning effect have three controls. The modifications made via the Lift controls significantly impact the layer’s dark hues. Additionally, this Effect looks like a voltage curve powerful in dark shades and quickly declines in mid-tones.

Midtones in the layering get most significantly adjusted by the gamma settings, while light or dark colours get slightly altered. Also, this Effect looks like a development curve that is strong in the dark and mid-tone colours and sags quickly in the lighter hues.

  1. The Box Effect:

This Effect shapes it to make it appear lit by a point or directional light. Also, in 3D space, point lights have a specific location from which they radiate light in all directions. Also, the sun and directional lights are thought to be endlessly distant. Specular reflections on bright surfaces make the distinction between the two most obvious.

Shades using a normal map, in which the RGB colours of each pixel represent the directed target surface at that specific point on the layer’s surface, get done in this Effect. Furthermore, maintaining a standard duration for each variable is crucial to achieving balanced results, particularly when considering the viewer’s distance.

Alight Motion Effect Copy And Paste

When editing an effect, there is an option to copy and paste effects in the overflow menu. Also, it’s not simply for impact when you copy and paste. Consequently, you can copy and paste some aspects with Alight Motion. Selecting a single element reveals the Copy or paste option.

Additional Information About Alight Motion Effects Pack:

  • Alight Motion now has over 40 additional effects, bringing the total amount facilitating the creation to over 100.
  • Also, the additional Alight motion text effect pack allows for animating specific letters within a text layer.
  • Consequently, Accessing the Alight Motion effects presets link controls tab may also apply effects to the Alight Motion presets.
  • The presets of Alight Motion require Adobe After Effects to operate. Also, you can get it through Adobe’s website, Android, or other apps if you don’t already have it.
  • Additionally, you can download any of these effects by selecting File and then Opening in your After Effects program. Select your preferred setting, then touch ok.
  • Also, alight Motion offers hundreds of free effects that you may use in your videos.
  • The first industrial design research app, Alight Motion, offers Motion, visual effects, and more with vector and bitmap capabilities.
  • Hence, on Android, effect favourites have always gotten access, but Apple and tablet users have felt left out.

Improved Features Of Alight Motion Effects Pack

  • Numerous patches and upgrade features are present in Alight Motion effects. Fix display issues with the export and preview.
  • Also, Correct various aspects of the App graphic component that operate inconsistently with the specification and fail without returning an error code.
  • In the Audio Browser, adjust the track names. Boost project performance by using audio.
  • Also, fix the unsupported video format prompt on some devices when a vertical video gets used. Correct an issue that could cause some resources to be absent when uploading a project. Also, several crash-on-launch problems were solved.

Alight Motion Effects Pack Preset

Light Motion presets in After Effects are a fantastic method to give your text or logo movement. Plus, both short animations and more intricate movements are produced with them. This article will examine each preset’s functionality and After Effects usage.

  • Rolling waves Preset:

The preset for rolling waves comprises a wavy line that rotates at an angle while moving up and down. For making a dynamic background, this is fantastic. Also, you can use this preset in another manner by producing a part of the animation and then implementing it as an effect.

Using this preset:

Select alight after going to Effect. Select Rolling Waves, then pick a setting. Alternatively, you may cut the Motion and then use it as an effect. For instance, start by making the wavy line animation. Utilize this technique to apply this setting to your text or logo.

  • Shimmering lines preset:

A sequence of straight lines that travel up and down on a diagonal route makes up the shimmering lines preset. This preset is fantastic for making a mobile or desktop widget’s backdrop move.

Additionally, this Effect applies as a standalone effect or by producing a portion of the animation, first using it as a picture and then applying the remaining animation as a photo effect.

  • Floating clouds preset:

A group of circles that sporadically rise and fall make up the floating clouds preset. Also, this preset works well to convey a whimsical atmosphere. Initially designing a portion of the animation, you can use this preset to apply the Effect over any text or logo.

  • Spiraling swirls Preset:

The preset for spiraling swirls comprises several rings that revolve in a spiral motion. This preset also works well to enhance your logo or add movement to the background. Another method of using this preset is creating a portion of the animation before adding it as effects.

Alight Motion Shaking Effects Applications

These effects open a unique world of creative possibilities in a huge diversity of video genres. There are exclusive applications of such versatile effects:

  • Transitions: You can maintain the flow of your videos with smooth shaking and other effects. Regarding this, transitions between scenes work very well. You can experiment with different direction intensities to add a professional and stylish touch to your videos. 
  • Action Scene Intensification: The Shake Effect of this Alight App intensifies the impact of explosions, punches, or chase scenes for action-packed impressions. Users can strategically apply such effects during crucial moments. It assists in elevating the dynamism and makes the action scenes more adrenaline-pumping and thrilling.
  • Upgrade Music Videos: In music videos, where captivating visuals are vital, the Shake Effect of Alight App adds an extra layer of excitement. It elevates the visual experience and makes the music videos more attractive to viewers.
  • Highlight Graphics or Text: Users can apply specific graphics and text to highlight their videos with the Alight Motion Effects Pack. For example, you can apply the shake effect to elements you want to emphasize. This approach makes them stand out effectively and grabs the viewer’s attention.

How to optimize the Use of Alight Motion Shake Pack Effect?

You can maximize the potential of the Alight Motion effects with the following tips and guidance:

  • Experiential Intensity Variations: Photographers and editors are proficient in experiencing the intensity of the Alight Motion Effect pack on their videos. They can adjust the intensity level to strike the right balance between impact and subtlety. It aligns with the mood and style improvement of their projects. 
  • Music Synchronization: For music video editing, you must synchronize the Shake Effect with the rhythm and beat of the music. This effect elevates the visual experience, injects a dynamic element, and deepens the emotional association with your audience.
  • Multiple Effects Combination: You must expand your creative horizons by blending the Shake Effect with other Effects Pack. Such as you may apply the color grading, blurs, or overlays. Layering effects on videos enables the creation of distinctive and visually captivating compositions.
  • Maintain Visual Consistency: You must prioritize the visual consistency, whether shake and other effects grab attention. You need to ensure that it complements your project’s style and tone. So, avoid the excessive or inconsistent use of effects that can distract the viewers’ attention.
  • Keyframes Usage: It permits you to manage the duration and timing of the Shake Effect on your entire video. So, your strategic placement of keyframes brings smooth transitions between scenes. It emphasizes specific moments and maximizes the overall impact of the video. 

About the Alight Motion App

An excellent graphic and editing program is Alight Motion. You may use the app to get professional-caliber visual effects, computer animation, and video redaction on your mobile device. Playing over graphics, films, and other animations you must create to make it enjoyable. Also, the most excellent Current Effect and Presets Freeware Downloading options are available here, ending your quest.

Everything about cutting-edge photo and video editing is available through the app Alight Motion Mod. It’s easy to download and install on any device and functions flawlessly. Hence, you must buy the app’s premium version if you want the watermark removed.


How can we get many effects?

Download Alight Motion for PC to receive a range of effects. Also, users will receive many effects since they can transform plain photographs and videos into stunning works of art. If you prefer to edit on a computer screen instead of your phone’s screen, download the Alight motion effects for PC.

Is the Shake Effect of Alight Motion compatible with Smartphone devices?

Yes, the Alight Motion Application is usually supportive of both iOS and Android devices. So, you can apply shake and other effects on your videos using any of your smart devices.

How do we animate specific letters?

You may animate specific letters within a text layer with the Text effect.


Lastly, Alight Motion Effects is one of the few professional motion graphics software that offers high-quality animations and eye-catching effects. Also, You may make good video productions by adjusting the graphics on numerous layers. A recent update makes it so that watermarks won’t appear in your pictures and videos.

A quick and straightforward method to create a logo is to use an alpha channel or a mask for Effect. You can make the show by selecting the logo film and clicking Mask.

Also, this Alight motion effects pack app is famous, so try downloading and using it.

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