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Among the first expert video editing programs to offer presets is Alight Motion. On both your Android and iOS device, this Alight Motion preset offers great functionality. These preset utilized by many seasoned YouTubers to enhance the visual appeal of their videos.

With simply their expertise, the video-editing program Alight Motion can transform digital photos and films into a stunning final result. Also, you can create detailed and intricate animations using these presets for your project. It is also the ideal technique to include occasions in your movies, pictures, and others.

Some of the many Alight Motion Preset:

Spiraling Preset:

A specific series of rings that move from one particular spiral pattern can get found in the preset Spiraling Swirls. Also, this is reportedly great for igniting a movement for the next.

The Alight Movements Backdrop Effect Enhancing gets intended to improve the user’s eyesight and face attractiveness. It improves the logo as well. Also, you will need to add your logos or text to use this attractive effect. Another excellent method is making the animation portion, which also influences your logo.

Rolling preset:

The preset rolling waves have a flowing line that rotates at a precise angle while moving down and up. Also, with this effect’s help, you can give your symbol and text an energetic and lively background. The ideal moment to employ this effect is just after including a logo and before going on to lighting effects.

Shimmering Preset:

An excellent method to make the foundation of a picture move is with shimmering lines. Also, a flawless series of parallel lines that may get adjusted diagonally down and up make up this pre-drawn shimmering line. The Alight Impact developer requires text added to use the preset for shimmering lines.

Floating Preset:

Using this Alight motion preset base, you may give your logo a whimsical appearance. Also, a sequence of circles that move randomly up and down is present in the floating clouds. 

  • To use this preset, put a logo or text move in the effects.
  • Also, Create a specific animation element, then use it as a finishing touch. 
  • Make sure to include a specific curved motion.

Download this XML file, and Use to import effects on Alight motion import file option.

Using Alight motion Presets on Social app:

You may check whether a preset is good or bad by previewing its appearance on social apps. Also, use it if you enjoy it and wish to create videos using your images and recordings. Here are the methods for using it till it’s complete, after which you publish it to media platforms.

  1. Finding the link:

The Alight Motion preset link gets typically posted by the creator in the app video’s Comments section. Also, the Alight motion preset link shake cannot get clicked, as it is a dead link.

  1. Importing:

We only need to upload or transfer the preferred Alight Motion preset link import via that alight motion preset link download once one has obtained it from a social media app.

  • Simply clicking the preset link will bring us to the import tool without further action from our end. You should be aware that if the premium edition of Alight Motion is not available, one can only import presets there.
  • Also, a few prerequisites that must get understood have got thoroughly outlined. If the free edition of Alight Motion is not accessible, one can only transfer preset from the premium version.
  1. Using and Saving:

One needs to apply the Alight Motion preset download after importing it from social media apps. Also, it gets intended that you use your images to replace any clips in the shape of movies, text, etc. The guide on utilizing alight Motion contains a more detailed tutorial and visuals for this stage.

The final step is to save the film to your phone’s gallery after you have adequately integrated and updated all of the clips and components with your own. Also, when selecting and setting the Bit Rate or Alight motion preset link 5mb, please press the sign icon in the upper right corner.

Alight Motion Preset XML:

This method involves editing films using XML coding format using Alight Motion preset XML file download. The preset gets shared using this technique when its owner shares a file with the .xml extension. Also, you must first browse the appropriate XML video format before producing a video with both XML presets.

Alight Motion version 3.2 must get used to load the alight Motion preset. This function happens because XML files for older apps are not editable.

The steps below can get used to load XML presets using Alight Motion;

  • The XML-formatted preset file can get downloaded, and if you are currently using the pro software, you must upgrade to that same advanced edition to use it.
  • The Alight Motion video program must get installed if you’re using Adobe After Effects.
  • Verify presets now and make any necessary edits with the usage of this app.

About Alight Motion Presets and app:

  • The first and most excellent keyframe animation editing program got accessible on smartphones and got called Alight Motion.
  • With presets, you may also edit a specific type of video without starting from scratch, using things like additions, filtration, etc. Its users can build and use various Alight Motion presets and distinct forms of video effects.
  • Alight Motion 2.0 now has more than 40 additional preset effects.
  • Also, The recently introduced Text Transform effect allows for the animation of specific letters within a text layer. There are more than 100 effects available in all.
  • A watermark will get added to exported films and animations, some effects and features cannot get used, project bundles cannot get shared, and certain functions and effects are restricted.
  • Alight Motion gets accessible and available to everyone for free via this app in its most basic form.
  • Although there are numerous helpful tools, consumers can get this application for free. Also, if your demand is higher, you can pick from various funded choices to activate some Pro features and presets.
  • The Alight Motion presets contain a lot of patches and upgraded functionality. Additionally, many of the App’s graphic components’ inconsistent functioning parts have now got corrected.
  • Fixed issues that result in some resources being missing when downloading a project and crash-on-launch issues. Also, use audio from the Audio Browser to speed up project performance and solve the incompatible video player warning that appears on some devices.

Alight Motion preset effects:

You can reveal or disclose the preset effect using option in the settings after picking Alight motion preset effect into your file. Also, the best method is using an alpha or Mask for Effect, when making a stamp. You can also create it by picking the stamp and clicking Mask option.

Shake Effect preset:

Alight Shake Effect is the name of a creator professional preset effect. Drag the alight Effect there to add it to your video or images. This Effect can get used to creating animated writing or moving light trails that will make your video the center of attention.

Colorize preset Effect:

  • To produce the colorize Effect preset, color layers transform the YUV color space, where UV stands for light intensity and Y for brightness.
  • Also, The output is then translated into RGB space, where the chosen hue is used as the primary color with the highest saturation level.
  • Use the color disc to alter the layer’s tint as well.
  • When Opaque is animated using keyframes, the color and strength components are also adjusted separately.
  • Also, the effects of Colorize and Chroma Tune are very different.

Chroma preset effect:

Sensitivity needs to be adjusted first, then perfect the Flake to your desired level before applying the preset for the Chroma binding effect. Ensure you have a sturdy, attractive wall, cloth, or pop-up screen. Also, the best color for the background is typically a solid bright color or orange, etc.

It is possible to deploy an effect to a part of a layer-covered screen using Alight Motion’s built-in products. When used in conjunction with other goods, this limits where you can apply the effect to the screen. Also, this preset effect duplicates all merged layers into the layer it has applied underneath the surface.


Does this app leaves a watermark?

The Alight Motion app has a watermark on some of its images and videos. If you are already a member, you will have access to extra features and effects only available to members.

Can one modify styles in this app?

Thanks to many Presets in Alight Motion tools, users can modify videos with specific styles without needing to make them from scratch. Also, only the preset’s parts or clips need to get changed.


In conclusion, the Alight Motion preset and effects is one of the few keyframe animation software packages offering high-quality animations and striking effects. Additionally, modifying the graphics on various layers may create high-quality video productions. 

Thanks to a new upgrade, the embedded watermark didn’t feature in your photos or videos. So try using presets and make videos and other elements better.

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