Best Motion Graphics Software

Top 10 Best Motion Graphics Software – Essential Tools You Must Know

In this digital era, motion graphics started becoming popular day by day. They are widely used in social media networks, advertising, science & education, personal videos and most importantly for entertainment. There are many reasons behind the use of motion graphics readily.

The primary reason is that motion graphics are the most effective way to convey your idea clearly and effectively.

You can make your apps, website or other social media profile interesting and attractive with this graphics software. Just add entertaining videos and all kinds of motion graphics in it.

Do you want to know the best motion graphic software? Sit on your couch, place a cushion on your seat and hold tight. We have enlisted the top-rated motion graphic software to learn and make stunning videos. Let’s get started!

Best Motion Graphics Software

1. Alight Motion – Video and Animation Graphic App

Alight Motion is the first motion graphic app launched for both android and ios platforms and then offered for PC. It brings a lot of incredible motion graphics, professional-quality animations, video editing, visual effects, video composing, motion programs and more. In our opinion, you can’t calculate all the features of this fabulous application.

It’s open-source and free to use with its watermark in the free version and comes with limited tools. Alight Motion also offers a paid subscription to remove and access the state-of-the-art premium features and unlimited tools. Briefly, it’s a user-friendly and versatile tool to make professional edits at your fingertips.

2. Adobe After Effects

Adobe after effects is a known name in the world of graphics due to the flexibility, versatility and professionalism of this software. It is generally based on a network of layers just like other video editors and Photoshop too.

This motion graphics application has a wide range of compatibility with many devices. Also, has the ability to interact with 3D applications and devices.

After Effects is the top-rated Adobe video editor that helps in making animations. You can edit, add, remove, and combine motion graphics in it. After the effect is the evaluation after developing the elements and storyboards in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Lastly, you can export the video to any video editing software too after editing.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Undoubtedly, everyone is aware of the name of “Adobe Premiere Pro”. It is the combination of two well-known software i.e. Premiere and After Effects together.

The reason behind combining this software is to offer both video editing and motion designing. You can even create dynamic links between premiere and after-effects. Overall, it makes things easy and adjustable without rendering them initially.

4. Cinema 4D

If you are an intermediate-level photo or video editor, Cinema 4D application software is for you. You can easily implement simple transitions to 3D transitions.

It is one of the best motion graphic software ensuring convenience, flexibility, and ease of use with 3D integrated tools. You can enjoy a non-destructive and intuitive workflow to edit various video parameters at your fingertips quickly.

In short, it’s a 3d motion graphics software.

It is quite a wide world of animated graphics and modeling. If you are a beginner or an average editor, you can master motion graphics with this software.

5. Mocha Pro

Mocha Pro is a planner-based tracking system that tracks the outside movements with a cluster of pixels. In our experience, it’s an ideal motion graphics animation software for animation graphics artists who want to perform screen replacement.

Well, this software is for professionals and skilled people who know how to edit videos in high-quality and best software. So, you will find it a little bit difficult to use if you are a beginner or using it for the first time.

6. Maya

Maya is a popular industry 3D modeling and animation software mostly used for rendering purposes. Previously, Cinema 4D was used for animation purposes. However, after the launching of Maya, you can make animations, motion graphics, and Hollywood studio m

7. Nuke

Nuke is a widely used post-production and motion graphics software for major videos like advertising etc. It’s a professional and leading software for animation graphics due to its ability to create impressive clicks having 2D or 3D capabilities.

Nuker offers you a sophisticated warping, stereoscopic workflow, deep image compositing, rotoscoping, and much more.

8. Blender

Blender is an open-source and top-rated VFX software with a complete 3D modeling and motion graphic package. Used by both skilled and beginner artists in the video gaming industry.

Easily support 3D modeling pipelines, snap-in, simulations, animations, rendering, motion tracking, video tracking, composition, and 2D animations also.

9. Trapcode Suite

Trapcode is not an actual software application, but it is used as a companion of motion graphics. In actuality, it’s a bunch of plugins and small tools used inside after effects and other well-known software to give you state-of-the-art functionality. According to us, it’s very helpful software.

10. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is another incredible software by Adobe applications specially developed for exploring 2D animation, crafting stories, and many other motion graphics editing.

It’s an all-in-all software and offers you to publish your videos on multiple platforms after editing. Lastly, you can export videos in any format that is a plus.


What is the best software for Motion Graphics?

There are many software available in the market offering convenient and easy motion graphics and video editing. However, Alight Motion is at the top due to user reviews and easy-to-use features, even on your mobile phone.

Which software is the best free motion graphic software?

Numerous software offering motion graphic tools. However, check out our top pick in the following:
Alight Motion – Video and Animation editing app.
Adobe Animate

Which Adobe Software is used for motion graphics?

Adobe offers a wide range of software offering motion graphics such as adobe animate, adobe After Effects, etc. However, Adobe Premiere Rush is at the top of all others.


In the end, we hope you will find the mentioned best motion graphic software helpful. As an emerging skill, we also recommend learning about motion graphics software such as Alight Motion. You will really enjoy the stunning videos to show off in front of your friends. Don’t hesitate to download the most-liked and suitable motion graphic software for you.

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