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10 Best Video Editor For Android Without Watermark (Editing Apps 2022)

With the technology evaluation, almost all people are addicted to their Android smartphones. Countless apps are developed for video editing, motion graphics, and more. However, some people are still trying to edit videos using Android apps for the first time.

Is it possible for them to edit videos via android phone? Are there any apps that are built for beginners? Hold tight! You will be able to find all your answers further in the article.

At present, smartphones are quite powerful, and anyone can pick up the best video editor for Android without a watermark. Some of them charge a good amount of money to remove watermarks on videos, but a few don’t charge. To help you here, we have prepared a list of top video editing apps for android without watermark. Check it out!

Best Video Editor For Android

Alight Motion – Video and Animation Editing App

Alight Motion is one of the best video editing apps due to its incredible editing features and ease of use. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a skilled artist; you can easily edit and create a masterpiece from it.

Alight Motion is available in both free and premium modes. Don’t worry! You don’t need to pay for the premium version.

You can just download the MOD version of Alight Motion and enjoy all the premium features without having any issues.

Shortly we can say that Alight Motions is an android video editor with no watermark.

VN Video Editing App

VN Video editor is a superb and best video editing app for android. You listened right, this app does not put the watermark on videos forcefully. Not just the watermark, it offers many other incredible features.
We all know that ads are annoying while using an app. VN Video Editor won’t encounter any banner ads while editing your favorite videos.

This video editor is just like a cherry on the cake. The app offers you a clean, and easy user interface equipped with all-in-all intuitive and advanced editing tools. The example editing tools are: curve shifting, multi-track editing, voice-over, effects, change background, freeze, background enhancement, and more.


Quik is another finest video editing software on the list that does not offer you any watermark while editing or exporting videos. This app is developed by the famous developers named “Action Camera, GoPro”.
It is said that you will find many editing apps on the internet, and it’s true. Why prefer the Quik app? Let us tell you the reason behind it.

If you are a beginner, the Quik app offers you a kick start to start your video editing journey using an android phone. Just add photos, use quick presets to make your video look professional.

Adobe Premiere Rush

The latest and improved version of Adobe Premiere Clip is now known as Adobe Premiere Rush. With this latest app, you can revolutionize your videos with the newly added editing tools.

Plus, this app is watermark-free and does not charge you even a single penny. Similarly, the app is ad-free to give you a non-stop video editing experience with a complete focus on the video.

ActionDirector App

Everyone is aware of the name “ActionDirector,” and it is one of the most popular apps on android phones.

The amazing thing is, this app has the winner of the “Editor’s choice” badge on the play store.
Besides this, everyone knows ActionDirector is a premium and advanced app, but it is more than this.

Action Director app offering you free video editing without any watermark. The procedure is simple, just click on the cross button to remove the watermark while editing. It offers you to watch a video ad and no more watermark on your videos.


YouCut is a five-star editing app, and it does not put any watermark on your videos. The app comprises top video editing tools and keeps you away from annoying ads. In our opinion, it’s your perfect pick for Instagram videos and other social media platforms for fun.

Do you know the name of the developers of YouCut? Let’s tell you. YouCut is offered by InShot Inc. developers. We know that everyone is aware of this name.


VLLO is quite a famous app for making vlog video editing. This mobile video editor is also free and does not bother you by putting any watermark on the videos. Moreover, you can also export videos without watermarks.

Not to mention, VLLO has a super easy user interface and is also ads-free. So, you just have to focus only on video rather than these disturbances. Get it today and start editing videos without any technical issues.

PixArt Video

PixArt is another awesome video editor for android that does not put watermarks on the videos. Also, it does not charge you anything for removing the watermark.

Keep in mind that it is a Chinese app, so install it if you don’t have any problem with Chinese app development.


Kruso is a new video editor in the market and makes stunning video edits at your fingertips. It has gained the attention of most video editors because it offers no watermark or paid policy.

Most importantly, it also does not show any annoying ads while editing. All these features have made this app popular worldwide.

PixArt Video Editing App

Last but not least, PixArt also does not charge you for any watermark and premium features. It is a standard video editing software and offers many interesting tools such as crop, join, and trim. On the other hand, you can access a huge collection of effects, music, backgrounds, and more.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these are our top picks for the best video editor for android without a watermark. All the apps don’t put watermarks or show annoying ads while editing. That is why we call them good video editing apps without watermarks. However, you have to watch an ad to remove the watermark.

We think it’s not wrong to remove watermarks just by watching a short ad. So, these apps have a unique watermark removal policy without paying anything.
In the end, go and choose your app if you have not tried any of them. Make stunning videos and share them with your friends and on social media.

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