How To Use Alight Motion App

How To Use Alight Motion App (Alight Motion Video Editing Ultimate Guide)

Alight Motion is a famous app for making professional and outstanding edits, among other well-known video editing applications. However, it allows you to edit photographs, images, videos and animations more incredibly.

In a nutshell, the Alight Motion Video and Animation editing app is easy to use and creates stunning videos using your images and much more. The prominent part of Alight Motion is that it is open-source and free to use.

To cut a long story short, many people have a common question, “How to use the Alight Motion app?” The answer is that the Alight Motion app is pretty easy to use.

However, learn the essential concept of How To Use Alight Motion App while you’re willing to upgrade your editing with plenty of editing elements (GIF, MP4, bitmap, vector, and others).

This tutorial is all about giving you thorough information about the usage of Alight Motion. How to create your first project at Alight Motion? How to create and use elements in Alight Motion? And much more. Stay with us to get all the information about this incredible app!

How To Use Alight Motion App

Alight Motion: A Quick Start Guide

The Alight Motion app allows you to simply add, animate, adjust, and export your whole video editing (Basic video editing). Here, we are going to explain a basic custom project editing via Alight Motion. You just have to follow the below-mentioned simple steps:

  • First of all, make sure you have installed the Alight Motion app on your Android phone.
  • Import the pictures from your camera to your mobile for editing. Skip it if the pictures are already on your mobile.
  • Next, click to open the Alight Motion app. Click on Choose Files and select all your favorite photos that you want to edit.
  • After selection, choose between editing each picture individually or applying the editing tool to all images. Edit your chosen images based on your requirements, using either bulk or individual editing methods.
  • Make sure you have completed the photo editing, such as cropping, angle, etc.
  • After that, go to the filter library and apply the filter that appeals to you the most; keep in mind that you can apply filters to each individual photo or on all photos at once.
  • Paste or write the text for image overlays. Use layers for individual images or apply a single text for all images.
  • Now, add any other elements, such as stickers, emojis, and other things, if you are willing to add them.
  • Review your edited video by playing the video in editing mode, or you can also check the layers to verify things.
  • Save your edits using elements or export your video in various formats. We recommend mastering MP4 in HD for optimal quality.
  • Congratulations! Your video is ready. Share it with family and friends or directly on social media.

Detailed Guide on How to Use Elements in Alight Motion?

We understand various beginners are looking for the appropriate guidelines to utilize the different elements of Alight APK to enhance their editing skills. Regarding this, we’ve provided the ultimate guide on using major elements for your editing purposes. So, without wasting your time, you must overview the effective way to use your required elements:

main screen on Alight Motion App Interface


Importing media to this application media is the first step in the video creative process. 

Project Creation
on Aight Motion
  • Press on the “+” icon.
  • Move to “Choose Files” to select media
  • Browse your device and select the relevant videos or images 
  • To export your video, long-click on the project, navigate to “share,” and export to your Google Drive or social platform 


Importing Media Files

Shapes are the foundation of creating advanced trendy videos so that you can go through this process:

  • Press the “Shape” option in the toolbox. 
  • Select any shape according to your requirements and adjust properties like color and size.
  • For a 3D rotating shape with image creation, you need to select the picture, go to “Effects,” and next to your desired shape.


Importing Media Files
on Alight Motion Project editing

Afterward, you’re capable of upgrading your project with remarkable sound effects:

  • Upload your required audio track in the specific folder of Alight Motion 
  • Now enable the “Audio file” option and share it by choosing Alight Motion. You may click on the relevant sound’s long press and then move this file folder.
  • Then, on the project, choose “+,” move to files and upload an audio file.
  • Adjust your audio effect in your timeline for trimming, volume, and synchronization with your project video entirely. Well, you’re able to adjust audio to your video editing project on account of your client’s demands.
Editing Videos


It’s quite straightforward to add the text to your project:

  • Press on “Text” of your App’s interface
  • Insert your catchy text
  • Improve it by customizing the text, color, size, and fonts in your animation.
  • Fix your text position by dragging it easily on your video
  • Now, you are able to preview it after viewing the pre-made lyric presets. These presets grant a professional touch to your project and make it more engaging for your viewers.
Text and Titles
on Alight


These upgraded attributes of the Alight App are essential for creating fantastic and dynamic videos:

  • You can create and store reusable texts, shapes, and effects in the “My Elements Collection” section.
  • Import collections (such as stickers, music, and layers) online for various elements
  • Well, now you can share the ganging crafted elements with your viewers.

Layer Editing Panel in Alight Motion

While utilizing this application for editing, you must go for the layers editing panel, create your animated videos, and upgrade other shapes with ease.


Suppose you’re looking for varying graphics, transitions, and other attractive effects. Remember, it’s the most attractive option of this App. You can easily use it on your accessible device:

  • Open the Alight Motion app
  • Open existing or new project 
  • Add different effects on different segments 
  • Then, press the “Effects” button and select the desired effect. Hence, you can add your required effects and export your video project. 
Effects and Transitions of Alight Motion

Group layers

Manage and add multiple layers to your animations and videos to elevate their effect than simple videos. This option adds uniqueness to your videos.

  • Press on the plus icon when opening your Alight Motion App
  • Scroll down to “Existing Project” and create a fresh one.
  • Now go through the “Shape” steps and select the elements or shapes 
  • Arrange all layers in a specific manner. Suppose you’re managing the layers as sheets and stacking them on the top, and each of them comprises a different element. Each layer appears in a new style and upgrades and upgrades the beauty of your video. 
  • Afterward, you may group all these layers when setting them effectively, and grouping may provide better organization in visual effect.
Shapes and Elements

Freehand Drawing

Let’s add the artistic touch to your video by Doodling with Drawing via the Freehand Drawing feature of your App. So, this aspect acts as a freehand editing tool for beginners:

  • Press the option“+” and then scroll to “Freehand” in a new project.
  • Pick up different brushes for various styles as you want.
  • Must try the option “Draw and Fill” for coloring or solid shapes
  • Customize color and thickness by professionally adjustment to create unique drawings

However, various users like to add their own handwriting to their projects to enhance their creativity. This activity also upgrades the perfection. You must try to perform different activities and experience new features in your videos to acquire the current trend.

Move and Transform

If you want to rotate or alter the size or position of different elements in your videos, you should try these features. Hence, let’s start setting attributes as they move from one corner of your screen to another smoothly. These features may assist you in your advanced video editing process. So, you can use Alight Motion for:

  • Animation Curve: A graph-type transition is created in advanced video editing.
  • Keyframes: The bookmarking effects that specify a portion of the video from where specific information starts and ends. These markings are utilized to add perfection to professional videos.
  • Size: you can add small or big elements into your videos along with text, images, and shapes of resizable effects.
  • Position Control: objects such as layers or pictures can be moved with appropriate control. This option is accessible as ‘Swipe here to move your layer,’ so use it to adjust the layers’ position.
  • Skew: It’s used to tilt pictures, shape elements, text, or other effects that you are willing to tilt. 
  • Rotate: Used to spin editing elements in your animations with effective control.

Vector Drawing

To update the graphical effects in your video, you must try the vector drawing. It works according to mathematical formulas and fixes the elements properly with trustworthy outcomes. However, it gives the scalable editing access:

  • Import your picture or video as a background.
  • Press on the “Vector Drawing” icon 
  • Then, use the control pad to modify shapes, draw, and add further details
  • Create keyframes to animate vector drawings
  • Furthermore, you make your designs and videos more realistic by adding different colors, icons, drawings, etc.
  • Ultimately, preview your edited video and add more perfection with more practice.
Exporting Your Video

Other Editing Options

To add the final professional touch to your video, you can apply the following:

  • Border and shadow options for adding lines and making your video more attractive (by shadows)
  • Blend your video for unique visual effects.

Therefore, to upgrade your professional editing skills, you need to use these effects and all other elements of Alight motion. These tools may enhance your creativity.

Above-Mentioned Main Steps of Using Alight Motion APK:

  • Understand the App Interface
  • Project Creation
  • Import Your Media Files
  • Photo Edit
  • Edit Videos
  • Create Animations
  • Effects and Transitions
  • Text and Titles
  • Shapes and Elements
  • Playback
  • Export Your Video

Elements in Alight Motion

Furthermore, “Elements” is the most important term for Alight Motion because they play a great role in video editing. Basically, elements are reusable components, just like a group. Elements are saved separately from your regular video editing project. You can track your elements by navigating to the “My Elements Collection” tab.
Are you thinking about why we are discussing elements here?

Don’t worry! The answer is simple: you can’t make your videos stunning and eye-catching without using the different elements. Elements just not only help you to create an amazing video but also help you to save things (layers, music, stickers, etc.) for future use. It also reduces your efforts and time.

Moreover, there is another great feature of the Alight Motion app. You can send the saved elements to your friends and family with the help of available sharing options. In the same way, you can alter or customize the elements without altering the original elements. In short, the elements make your editing fast and stunning.

You can also check how to mask on alight motion app.

How to Utilize the Alight App for Creating Voiceover Tutorial?

If users are looking to add voiceovers to their videos, the Alight Option App is a convenient choice for them. So, for adding a voiceover to your video in this App enhances the overall storytelling experience. To do so, you may follow these simple steps to integrate your voiceover into your project.

  • Voice Recording: Firstly, you should start recording your voice by recording tool, and then save it in a video file form to your device.
  • Voiceover Import: Enable your Alight app, and there you can import your recorded voiceover video.
  • Edit Sound: Now, add a sound layer to your project by long-holding your sound layering option. So, click on three dots in the upper right side and then press the “Extract Audio.”
  • Video layer Removal: There are two layers of video (one for sound and the other for video), so you must eliminate the video layer.
  • Audio Sound Adjustment: You should alter the volume of audio and mark it according to your project demnds. So, you may make it quieter, louder, or entirely alter or remove it if needed.
  • Video import: Press the plus (+) option for importing your video for adding voiceover to your content.
  • Video and Voice Sync: Here, you need to utilize the key-frames to sync your sound effects with the video, and make sure your voice sets with the video scenes.
  • Save and Finalize: You’ve adjusted your voiceover video, now, set other additional elements for upgrading your project’s attractiveness.  

Tips to Use the Alight Motion App

Once you are familiar with the basic tools in Alight Motion, then you must learn additional tips and tricks to elevate your editing experience.

Apply Slow Motion Effect

You’re able to create captivating slow-motion videos with these four simple steps:

  • Import your Video: Alight Motion allows you to bring your own video clips that you want to edit in this magical App.
  • Access Timer-like Icon: Then navigate to a Timer-like sign in the upper left side and click the “+” option.
  • Speed Adjustment: You may alter the speed settings to acquire the desired slow-motion effect.
  • Explore More Effects: Enhance your video further by experimenting with further effects.

Velocity Edit Creation

If you’re a content creator, you need to understand this trick about how to perfectly work with velocity edits, characters, movies, or timeless celebrities. These edits follow the advanced trends, so you must practically learn them for a professional workout:

  • You need to start editing your video and skills at normal speed. Then, you may try the desired elements like stickers, music, filters, text, and others (Source). 
  • Now, update any animation clips with default speed settings to your project.
  • You must go for each layer’s individual setting and edit if there are multiple layers.
  • Click on the graphical icon on your screen 
  • Here you can go for these settings:
  • Easy in: Starts slow and increases the speeds towards the end of the video
  • Easy out: Begins fast and slows towards the end
  • Linear: Normal speed
  • Easy in and out: A fast and slow-motion mixture 
  • Pick up your required speed-controlling option and save your editing changes.
  • Set all layers and edit your video professionally with perfect velocity edits.

However, by incorporating these tips and tricks into your Alight Motion workflow, you can enhance your editing skills and bring a new level of creativity to your projects.

More to Get with Alight Motion App

The Alight Motion app is the best alternative for producing excellent videos, even from your smartphone. It has the ability to provide you with an easy and quickly accessible platform where you can use, add, update, and customize the different effects and create videos:

  • Visual effects
  • Animated videos
  • Motion graphics
  • Velocity edits
  • Keyframe animations
  • Graphic Designing
  • Transitions

If you want to take your video to the next level, it’s better to buy the Alight Motion premium subscription (If you have enough budget). Don’t hesitate to download this unbeatable app; go for it and enjoy.

What we like in Alight Motion

In the following, we have mentioned the top reasons for using the Alight Motion app:

  • It is easy to use and the most user-friendly tool.
  • You can access the fluid animation motion here.
  • You can save your favorite elements for further use.
  • Alight Motion has very responsive customer support.

What we don’t like in Alight Motion

As nothing is perfect in this world, similarly Alight Motion also has some downsides, as follows:

  • The tiles’ effects create issues sometimes.
  • The Keyframe concept confuses the new users.
  • Some features are restricted without paying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Alight Motion app good for beginners?

Yes, this is the first app that is suitable for both professionals and beginners. So, if you don’t have any experience, you can use it without hesitation.

How do you use the Alight Motion app?

It is pretty simple to use Alight Motion. Open the app, add images, filters, and text, and export the video in your desired quality.

What is the primary use of the Alight Motion app?

Alight Motion is a professional motion video editor. You can use it for creating videos, video animations, motion graphics, and similar types of video effects.

How do you add media to Alight Motion?

When you just open the app, you will find the option “add media” there. By using that option, you can add your photos to the app for editing purposes.

Final Words

In conclusion, we have shared all the details about “how to use Alight Motion App” on your Android phone for video editing and animations. Don’t forget to try the elements and save them for future use. We assure you will get the best video editing experience with this state-of-the-art app.
Enjoy Video Editing with Alight Motion!

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