Now you can get Alight Motion PRO Video Editing Tool for Android and ios without Watermark with latest version. Get Premium Features for unlocked with old and new versions.

Download Alight Motion PRO Without WaterMark

Alight Motion Mod Apk v5.0.260 Download (Pro Unlocked) 2024

If you cant afford latest PRO version, and want to make some Youtube, Facebook Videos. You can get Mod app from here. Its free to use. While the free version is good for practicing editing skills, the Pro version is essential for a professional finish. This makes Alight Motion Pro an excellent choice among editing applications.

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Table Information

  • Offered by
Alight Creative, Inc. 
  • Latest Version
  • Latest Version
March 28-2024
  • Android Requirement
6 or Above
  • Installs
11 Million 
  • Store Size
154 MB
  • Price
Free (Premium Unlocked)
  • Offered by
Alight Creative, Inc. 
  • Latest Version
  • Last Updated
March 28-2024
  • Android Requirement
6 or Above
  • Installs
11 Million 
  • Store Size
154.2 MB
  • Price
Free (Premium Unlocked)

Alight Motion Mod Apk is the eye-catching and attention-grabbing graphics, video editing tools and superb animations, we have brought the top application for you. It is easy to use, high-quality and simple video and animation software application. Whether you are in school, at work, at a picnic or lying on the sofa, just get this alight motion mod apk without watermark and produce high-quality videos.

LATEST Alight Motion PRO Apk – #Trending Video Editing App

Alight Motion is trending #1 Video editor for Android and iOS – One of the best Video and Photo editor. So Download All Versions of Alight Motion OLD OR NEW.

PRO Features Free

All Unlocked Effects

Now all effects of App will be Unlocked and can be used FOR FREE. Viral effects like Shake effect, Blur, Beat Maker, DJ Effects and more. You have lot of powerful tools in this app, Like Different Effects, Templates, Vector Graphics and more.

Chroma Key

The Chroma feature in Alight Motion allows users to remove any specific color from video clips and replace it with a preferred color. This is particularly useful for eliminating blue or green screen backgrounds and adding desired backgrounds in their place.

Unlimited Fonts

The Alight Motion App offers over 2000 built-in fonts and allows users to import their desired fonts, providing flexibility and creativity in projects. Users can experiment with various font styles, apply colors and effects, animate text, and enhance text appearance with gradients, borders, and shadows.

No Ads

Editing important videos can be frustrating due to full-screen advertisements and unskippable ads causing delays. The latest Alight Motion Pro APK removes these ads, allowing for uninterrupted editing sessions and enhancing productivity by fixing glitches and enabling users to focus on their tasks efficiently.

No WaterMark

The Pro version of Alight Motion allows you to edit and download videos without a watermark, unlike the free version which includes a watermark that makes videos look unprofessional.

Lag Free Video Editing

Alight Motion Pro APK ensures a smooth video editing experience without crashes or freezes, even on older devices. Its optimized, bug-free performance, combined with a user-friendly interface and lightweight functionality, makes it ideal for beginners. The app requires minimal processing power, allowing for efficient and quick editing tasks with no lags or waiting.

All Premium Activated

The upgraded Pro version of Alight Motion APK unlocks all premium features for users’ ease. You can acquire the full potential of this software without paying anything. So all its premium functions, including cinematic mode, premium unlocked, preset access, all effects, keyframe animation, new export formats, motion graphics, color correction, premium fonts, no-ads, and other everything is free-of-cost unlimited to use. 

Supports High-Quality Videos

The Alight Motion application excels in high-quality video creation, supporting high-resolution outputs (4k and more) for professional results. It allows creators to produce visually stunning social content, making edited videos stand out in their category. This makes Alight Motion an ideal choice for creators seeking top-tier video quality.

Powerful Playback

Alight Motion is a high-quality editing app that offers powerful playback capabilities, including support for 4K resolution at 60 fps. This ensures flexible and smooth editing, particularly beneficial for slow-motion video projects. Users can replay high-resolution videos to refine their edits multiple times, significantly enhancing the overall video creation experience.

Multiple Layers Editing

Alight Motion’s feature of creating multiple layers allows users to separately manage shapes, images, audio, videos, and other elements, offering precise control over keyframes, effects, and animations. This functionality enables the production of professional-quality videos directly on a phone. Users can edit complex graphics, such as bitmap and vector images, and adjust layers for contrast, lighting, and color to enhance creativity.

The Keyframe Animation

The keyframe animation feature in Alight Motion provides precise control over animations, enabling smooth transitions from start to finish. It allows detailed adjustments of visual effects and transitions on a frame-by-frame basis. This feature supports the integration of vectors, images, shapes, text, and GIFs, enhancing creativity and streamlining project workflow for maximum efficiency.

Tailor-Made Images

The Alight Motion Pro App offers a wide range of tools to transform creative ideas into reality. It provides numerous effects, presets, and functions to create trendy animation layers on videos. Users can enjoy professional-level customization by adjusting colors and lights, allowing vivid imagination to come to life with its built-in tools. This app is perfect for those looking to convert their interests into high-quality, customized visuals.

Different Downloading Formats Access

Alight Motion simplifies exporting professionally edited videos by offering a variety of high-quality, lossless formats such as JPG, JPEG, XML, MP4, PNG, and GIF. Its premium version allows for seamless downloading and the addition of personal effects to videos. This feature enhances productivity by streamlining future editing tasks and maintaining excellent video quality, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

XML Import support

Alight Motion enhances video project development by allowing users to import XML files from various sources. This feature increases flexibility and creativity, enabling efficient incorporation of existing content into projects. It reduces editing time while boosting creative vision and facilitating collaboration by allowing users to share and use each other’s best ideas seamlessly.

Access to Build Time Curves

Alight Motion revolutionizes video editing with its advanced keyframe animation system, allowing users to create custom timing curves. Users can enhance their projects by selecting from built-in presets or customizing their own curves. This feature-rich app supports the creation of perfect animated videos, making the editing process efficient and highly customizable.

Hundreds of Visual Effects

Alight Motion Pro APK offers extensive editing options with hundreds of functions, including customizable templates, building block effects, frames, color changers, layer adjustments, and more. This app enables users to transform simple images and videos into trendy, vibrant masterpieces. It is perfect for enthusiastic editors looking to apply advanced editing techniques to create unique content.

Velocity Based Motion Blur

Alight Motion’s velocity-based motion blurring is a standout feature that enhances video dynamism through speed adjustments and smooth editing. This function improves video speed and movement, creating lifelike, realistic motion in all effects, thus elevating the overall quality of creative projects.

Power Full Tools

You have lot of powerful tools in this app, Like Different Effects, Templates, Vector Graphics and more

Social Media Posts

This app is very easy to use, even if you are kid or pro. Make Stylish videos for Instagram, status YouTube.


with this PRO App, Create unlimited videos without watermark on them. All premium features Working.

Alight Motion Mod Apk Description

Alight motion is one of the best video and animation editing applications offered by Alight Creative, Inc. Video editors, editing enthusiasts and many other users have been using this popular app for a long time. According to our information, it’s always been the primary choice of the users because of its friendly and easy-to-use interface. The interface is not easy for the video editing experts, but even beginners can edit their videos like a pro. 

In addition, this application is free to use and download. Don’t hesitate! Get Alight Motion pro Apk v4.2.3 Download (Unlocked) and edit videos professionally and also get the benefit of sync video option from other photos. 

alight motion mod apk without watermark download

Alight Motion PRO (Mod)

Well, create awesome videos by cropping, adding visual effects with Alight Motion Animation and video editing app. Alight Motion Mod apk old version was not capable of doing much editing, but you can fulfill anything you want to bring in your photo quality, special effects and colors.

Download Alight motion Templates

How To Use Alight Motion Video Editing App?

Alight motion is a fantastic video editing app for both android and IOS. However, a common query is asked by the people that how can we use the alight motion app as a beginner? The use of this app is pretty simple and straightforward. You can mask your video using this app.

To edit a video, just open your alight motion mod apk and select the desired images that you want to add. After that, apply some filters, text (optional), set speeds, add background music, and any other element you want in the video, and it’s all done. After editing, you can export the video in various video qualities such as 480p, 720p, and so on. The functions are self-explanatory, and we hope you will not find anything complex in the app while editing. 

Important Aspects of Alight Motion MOD Apk

Edit Images on Your Mobile

If you want to edit your photos and make your images look more attractive and fabulous, this app is enough for you to provide you extremely satisfied results with deep impressions. It is in your hands to edit, alter the brightness of photos freely, change effects, change color, and anything that you want is available in this awesome app. 

Numerous Photo Frames

After opening this app, you will get a wide range of photo frames having distinctive colors and designs. This thing makes the user choose between the hundreds that suit best for their images. Thanks to the developers, the frames make the photos more beautiful, high-quality, and perfect. Besides, you can create your desired smooth curves if you are a video editing professional that will make your photo more unique and attractive. 

Drilling Effects and Controls

Besides different frames, it’s a good idea to add decorated boards and effects to your photos. We assure you that these borders will make your photos more vivid and impressive. Along with the border, you can also make use of drilling effects that will make your photos unique and magnificent. 

MP4 Videos and GIFs

Thanks to this latest application by which you can create MP4 videos and GIFs. It is quite interesting and also one of the reasons for its popularity among the users. Above all, creating GIFs also adds richness to your graphics. It simply conveys the message of content you want. Also, it’s the same GIF image that makes the viewers know which message or content you want to express. 

Save Recently Used Elements

After doing all the editing, you must know how you can save the recently used effects and elements to use next time. We know it makes you annoyed sometimes but saving such things is a good idea to save your editing time. Use your mind and create stunning images and videos and save them for next time use to save time and energy. Moreover, you can take advantage of solid color and automatic gradient color features while editing.  

Completely Free to Use App

Alight Motion – Video and animation editing apps are free to use, and you will not need to pay a single penny to follow your video editing passion. With the necessary tools and features, it makes your edits more attractive and fun for the users. Also, the creativity has made it more interesting to use for editing and to satisfy your visuals. 

Fast Way to Install Alight Motion Mod App

  • Delete your play store App. (Alight motion)
  • Download App from above link.
  • Go to your Mobile Settings “Security Settings”.
  • Allow Unknown Resources
  • Now Install the PRO MOD APK, Done.
alight motion pro apk no watermark (premium/unlocked) version

Download PRO Version of Alight Motion, with all versions in the list.

Remember that the Alight Motion Pro Apk app downloaded from Google Play Store has many tools locked and you can unlock them by paying a specific amount. Don’t panic! We are here to assist you. Download the latest version of Alight Motion Mod Apk without paying anything and enjoy everything unlocked. Plus, you will get the paid subscription free of cost with this modified version. 


 Alight Motion Pro Apk comprises of the following significant features:

Powerful Tools

At present, you can make your creativity a reality by converting your ideas into vector graphics with the help of this powerful tool. Besides ordinary editing, the Alight Motion app offers bitmap and vector editing to imitate anything you want in the video. You can make a lot of layers of video, audio, and graphics without having any issues. In particular, you can select from the presets or can create your own time curves to make smooth animation videos. Also, you can make fun with animation using different frames. 

You can add a lot of quotes and text as well. This app has a huge library of about 2000 unique fonts that will make your videos content more eye-catching for the users. However, you can also add any third-party fonts to it. Lastly, you also set the frame size of the ratio of the videos such as 1:1, 4:3, 9:16, and 16:9. 

Easy to Use

This app is very easy to use due to its intuitive interface. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional video editor or a newbie; you can use all the features of Alight Motion Mod Apk easily. Moreover, the state-of-the-art editing software helps you to edit videos similar to the software on computers. 

In addition, all the functions are easy to access; just carry out any control option with the help of your fingers, and it’s all done. So, you don’t need to use any computer mouse for professional editing. 

High-Quality Publishing

After editing, you can now export the videos in high quality. This feature is not limited to just exporting or producing, but you can also share your video directly on social media, etc. We think it is a big plus and make this app highly flexible and convenient to use. 


  • As you know, layering is important in animation. You can create layers as much as you want to create some amazing and unique video graphics and animations. 
  • It also has keyframe animations with a lot of accessible settings and options. 
  • You can enjoy hundreds of visual effects. 
  • Sometimes images need to correct the colors; here color correction option will help you to give the right styling, shading, and look. 
  • You can use several options for solid colors and gradient filling in this app. 
  • The shading is not limited to the images; however, you can apply shading on borders too. You can give cartoony, anime-style, realistic, or any other style you want. 
  • You can enjoy the fluid motion and specific action with easy and preset animation options. 
  • Motion blue seems to be realistic because of the realism-based velocity and much more. 

what’s New in Alight Motion Pro?

As you know, the latest version of Alight Motion has been released on December 9, 2021. The current version comprises the following updates. 

  • Addition of new effects such as Omino Glass, Dark Glow, and Omino Diffusion. 
  • Errors and bugs fixed. 

More to get with MOD version of Alight Motion

Alight motion is a powerful editing tool. If you download it from Google Play Store, you will get many useful tools free of cost. However, there are many other tools that you have to pay to unlock (Pro features). Simply download the modified version of Alight Motion and get all the things unlocked free of cost. Alight Motion MOD bring the following elements:

  • Pro subscription is free of cost. 
  • All features unlocked. 
  • You will be able to use multiple layers on the videos with different blending options. 
  • Adjust the aspect ratio on your own. 
  • 2000+ built-in font styles. 
  • You would be able to tune the colors and manage the video appearance. 
  • If you want to add custom fonts, you can do it with the help of a modded version. 
  • You can use keyframe animation that helps you to edit videos layer by layer. 
  • Easy to create your own vector animation video tools.
  • Hundreds of visual effects. 
  • Several video exporting options. 
  • You will not see any watermark or logo in your videos. 
  • You will get all the premium features unlocked. 
  • And much more. 

Download and Install Alight Motion MOD Apk for Android

If you have planned to get Alight Motion, follow the step-by-step procedure to download and install Alight Motion Mod Apk on your Android phone. 

  • First of all, delete the Play Store version of the Alight motion app if you have already installed it. 
  • Go to our provided link and download the modified version of Alight MOD free of cost. 
  • After that, go to “Security Settings” and allow “Unknown sources”. 
  • Then go to mobile’s “File Manager” > APKs. 
  • Click on the “install” button and wait for the installation to complete. It will hardly take 2 or 3 minutes to install. 
  • Congratulations! Alight Motion MOD App has successfully been installed on your android phone. Open and enjoy the app!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is 100% safe and free from any virus. We have tested it on different devices in many ways, and it passed all the tests. So, it does not contain any malware or threats.

Yes, there is a great option to mess up all the layers in this app within one click. You can also group the layers. 

Yes, of course, the Alight Motion modded version is open source and free to download. You don’t need to pay anything for it. 

Yes, the Alight Motion modified version is available for both Android and IOS. Just download it on your iPhone and enjoy the free editing tool at your fingertips. 

The installation of the Alight Motion modified version is easy and straightforward. First, download it from our provided link. Give security permission and click to install. You can install this app within a few steps. 


Alight Motion MOD Apk is for those who want to edit your videos professionally, easily, and effectively. You can not only edit but also make anime and motion graphics with it. In our opinion, it might be a great choice for a portable video editor and animation app. 

According to our experience, the app works great on your mobile phone. It comes with a variety of useful features that will help you to produce beautiful animations. Download it today; we bet it would be a great addition to your mobile apps. 

Enjoy Your Video Editing!

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