How To Import XML File In Alight Motion

How To Import XML File In Alight Motion iOS & Android?

Are you a beginner at the Alight Motion Application? Do you know How To Import XML File In Alight Motion? We’ve provided the solutions to common problems in importing XML files on iOS & Android.

Alight Motion is a top-rated and used motion program for editing purposes. You can use this App on both iOS and Android-powered devices. Plus, you can import and export projects using XML files using the functionality in Alight Motion. Your editing process will become much simpler and quicker as a result. Explore the blog to learn How to import XML file in Alight Motion.

How to import XML file in Alight Motion Android?

Users are capable of importing XML files on Android using the built-in file manager. There is no need for any third-party apps to utilize it. So, you can share the XML file and select Alight Motion from the options.

However, you may go through the step-by-step instructions. Remember to use your phone’s built-in file manager app or create a new section on the Alightmotion web page. Then follow these steps on How to open XML file in Alight Motion.

  • On your Android phone, download the XML file.
  • Activate any file manager program.
  • Also, you can make use of your phone’s built-in file manager.
  • If you’re having trouble finding it, get the following app from the Play Store.
  • Go to the directory where you obtained the XML file, and using the Download button at the bottom, long-press the XML file to pick it.
Share button on alight motion setting for import of xml
  • Now you can search the menu if you can’t access the Share option. You should know this strategy will not function if you attempt to import multiple XML files.
step 2 to import xml file into alight motion
  • After completing the process, share it and discover many apps on the screen. The Alight Motion app has now imported your XML file, so go to the Projects page to see this.
  • Now, you can easily open the XML file on your Android Device.

Since no new software needs to get installed, this is the simplest method. This guide is a comprehensive, step-by-step instruction booklet for your ease.

How to import XML files in Alight Motion using Google Drive?

In this approach, we utilize the Google drive to transfer XML files to the Alight Motion application. Hence, the steps to remember are:

  • Get the Drive software from the Play Store first, then sign in with your Gmail.
  • You must ensure that XML file is successfully downloaded on your phone. Then, click on Publish from the drop-down option after browsing the folder on your phone where the file was kept.
  • Press the plus sign on your screen and scroll down to the Upload option.
  • Now, you will see a menu with several options. Navigate to transmit a copy and select that option.
  • The file will get imported into your working directory on Alight Motion when you choose the app to which you wish to send it.

How to import XML file in Alight Motion iOS?

Unfortunately, the XML files import system to Alight Motion on iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) is non-functional. So, you can’t acquire the sharing option via the Files app or using the Google Drive method. It’s because, alight Motion won’t appear on the Share Sheet when you publish it with documents.

An XML file gets imported on an iPhone using an Alight Cloud connection and QR code. Additionally, you can export tasks as a group of related files using Alight Motion’s premium edition. The media files for the project now got moved to the Cloud.

The URL also gets preserved for you to share your project with others in the future. Also, the restriction that permits you to acquire only files under five MB is there. Utilizing the QR code to navigate the XML project URL is an additional method. 

Alight Motion’s iOS users can follow these steps of How to import XML in Alight Motion on IOS.

  • STEP:1  When you have finished editing and have adjusted the background, resolution, etc., click Create Project. Choose XML for the document when you click the export option.
  • STEP:2 Launch the QR Code Generator and Reader software from the Android Market.
  • STEP:3 When the Google Drive icon appears in the program, also click it to store the current XML project there. Furthermore, to copy the link to the XML file, click the three dots.
  • STEP:4 You have a variety of ways to share videos and photographs using the Alight Motion app. Also, The software will produce a unique QR Code when you paste the URL into a webpage, which you can send to anyone so that they can scan it.

About the Alight motion App

Alight Motion app is the most awesome motion graphics app available for Android tablets and smartphones.

  • Also, It got created for the expert graphic designer who previously created designs for commercial applications. Plus, a few beneficial features get accessible and free to use.
  • Highlights from a photo or video get adjusted with this feature on Alight Motion. Also, fully controlling the colors will help you be more creative.
  • Opacity and blending are other excellent capabilities that may used with just one click.
  • People adore the gradient color look, which is quite a style. So, don’t worry about the consequences of using the Alight Motion app. Numerous pre-made visual effects, such as gradient fill effects, are available here.
  • The XML file format is also get supported in this app. Also, Both iOS and Android-powered devices can use it. Plus, the import and export of documents and projects using XML files get done using the functionality in Alight Motion.
  • iPhone users must discover a solution because iOS does not include the default approach for XML files. Also, The Alight Motion app is difficult to spot among the sharing options for most Android and IOS users. Users of iPhones are unable to load XML files into the program.


What is a frequent issue of this app?

The Alight Motion app is not visible in the sharing options, which is a frequent issue for most Android users.   

How to use XML file in Alight Motion to import files?

One XML file can get imported at a time, and it must get under Five MBs.

How to use XML in Alight Motion on an IOS device?

There isn’t a solution for the IOS users to import XML files. Also, If you are a premium member and have the project link or QR code, you can only do that.


Ultimatly , importing XML files into your applications could get challenging if you’re unfamiliar with Alight Motion. If a user uploads the XML file for specific users, the Alight Motion program does not appear in the sharing options.

The only way to do this is by employing the initiative links or QR codes you have as a premium user. So, understand How to import XML files in Alight Motion easily. This guide will teach you how to import files on iOS, Android, and through the drive.

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