How To Use QR Codes On Alight Motion on iphone and android

How To Use QR Codes On Alight Motion?

The first expert design process app for smartphones is Alight Motion, which is available for IOS, Android, and other platforms. Also, scannable barcodes called QR codes Carry information. Start making QR codes on your mobile device or smartwatch by immediately updating your hardware in this app. Now, the most thrilling topic among advanced app users and professionals is How to use QR Codes on Alight motion app. Read the article to get guidance about the topic.

How to use QR Codes on the Alight Motion App?

Before integrating QR Codes into Alight Motion, you need to use two apps: Instagram and a QR Scanner. Use the Alight motion app’s QR Code by following the procedures listed below;

  • Opening an Instagram account is the first step. Next, choose the associated QR codes. (Or Download Effects from here.)
  • Also, select a Setting and Barcode code, then take a snapshot of it. 
  • Plus, activate the scanner app and import the QR Code screenshot.
  • Once the QR Code has been scanned, you will get the URL. Additionally, paste the URL into a browser when you’ve copied it, then press Enter.
  • In the Alight Motion app, the URL will get immediately imported. Also, to download the project package into the app, click Import.

Shake Effect QR Code Alight Motion:

qr code for shake effect to use on alight motion app
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Jedag Jedug Effect QR Code:

jedag jedug QR Code from alight motion

Coloring Effect QR Code:

Coloring Effect code for Alight motion editing app

Velocity Effect QR Code:

velocity effect code image free download

Ghost Effect QR Code:

Ghost effect making qr code download

Panning QR Code:

panning effect qr code download

Creating QR code for iPhone users:

  1. Go to the app store and type in alight Motion. 
  2. Select the install option. Also, a firmware upgrade must be patiently downloaded and installed. 
  3. On the screen’s upper left corner, tap the project file icon
  4. Plus, from the drop-down menu, pick Import.
  5. Wait for your Project to import the QR code.

Creating QR On Android Mobile:

  • Please search for the alight motion app in the Play Store by opening it on your Android device.
  • The update button is located adjacent to the App icon. 
  • Wait until the firmware update downloads and gets installed. Also, initiate the alight motion application. 
  • On the screen’s upper left corner, tap the project file icon.
  • Import the file into your Project after choosing it.

How to create QR Codes on iPhone for any App?

STEP 1: Download the “QRbot app” from the APP Store.

STEP 2: Install and Click on “MY CODES.”

Open my codes section of qrcodes

STEP 3: Click on the “+” Button to add new Codes.

select types of qr code you want to create
Types of Codes

STEP 4: Select the type of QR Code.

STEP 5: Now, create a QR Code and share your code directly.

Where to use QR codes?

QR codes get used in a variety of ways with Alight Motion. 

  • Additionally, add a code to your name tag for consumers to quickly scan and enter your contact information.
  • Create a QR code for your website or blog and print it on leaflets or banners.
  • Also, create a special deal or discount and display it in your business or store.
  • A video link gets made using a QR code as well.

XML file using QR codes:

The world’s largest video editors’ community is found at Alight Motion. Most designers use Twitter and other platforms to distribute Alight Motion Editor Bar Code and XML Files. 

XML stores our entire code in a single file for future usage. This article has a comprehensive manual on creating XML files using QR codes from Alight Motion. Plus, the user manual shows how to load and export data from the file using QR codes.

  • Start the Alight motion app, then select the green circle with the + symbol.
  • Also, it will assist you in starting a new project. Click Create Project once the Resolution, Shutter Speed, and backdrop have been chosen.
  • As the reference implementation for your Project, you might use your customized wording.
  • Plus, to access the Link or URL option, select the QR Code Maker app’s link symbol in the top left corner.
  • This step will also create a special QR Code that you can share with your social media acquaintances.
  • Also, when you click on the file, Alight Motion will instantly select the entire XML code and launch the precise Project you downloaded.

Tips and tricks to scan QR codes:

If you follow the guidelines properly, it’s very easy to use QR Codes using any device you want. These tips below will help you use QR codes with the Alight motion app;

  • Aim to hold your phone with the QR code inside the blue box, then slowly pull it away. Verify that there isn’t a shadow covering the QR code if you’ve already increased the lighting’s brightness and the code isn’t scanning. Also, this frequently occurs when you bring your phone closer to scan the barcode.
  • The phone won’t read the code if you’re holding it too closely or at a far distance. Also, attempt slowly moving your phone toward the QR code while holding it approximately a foot away.
  • The ability to rapidly read QR Codes without the need for an app is provided by Google Screen Search. Also, consumers will have access to the QR Code link.
  • You may need to hold your phone away from your face because some camera phones can’t count too close to others. Additionally, if your phone is too near or too far, it won’t get to read the barcode.

Key Features

  • Alight Motion simplifies the video editing process on your Android smartphone with its user-friendly interface.
  • This app offers visual effects, professional-grade animation, and various features for generating impressive motion graphics.
  • To utilize Alight Motion QR Codes, install a QR code scanner and the Instagram app on your phone; that’s a straightforward process.
  • Alight Motion facilitates project sharing by allowing you to import projects by scanning another member’s QR code.
  • While QR codes are a practical method for information sharing, Alight Motion upgrades it by enabling you to record animations using your microphone and phone’s camera.
  • Hence, users can create and export animations as GIFs or video files, sharing them by embedding them in QR codes for consistent distribution.


Can IOS detect QR codes with a Camera app?

Users can now detect QR codes using their cameras according to the most recent iOS upgrade. First, point the phone’s camera at the QR code by opening it. Even without taking a photo, you can observe it. Also, then it will ask you to visit the associated website.

How can one transfer data with QR codes?

Create a QR code and then scan it, then tap the URL that has been decoded. Consequently, you get prompted to select the files you want to transfer on the following page.

Then, at the bottom of the screen, hit the Transfer button after choosing the files you wish to transmit. This step will transfer the data completely.

How do you scan QR codes if the Apple device does not recognize them?

You can use other apps to read QR codes if your Apple doesn’t scan them. Also, this might happen if your gadget is not operating on iOS 11 or later. If your iOS device doesn’t already have the most recent version, you can upgrade it.

How to import a current encryption registration QR code?

Choose the appropriate import options on the Available For Android QR Code Generator to import a current encryption registration QR code. Also, depending on a device’s operating system and screen size, import options may or may not be visible.


Alight Motion is a cutting-edge motion-sensing app that draws attention to users and their gadgets. Also, with the help of this program, you can incorporate motion sensors and camcorders into your site or online business by capturing your motions. 

Additionally, you use the alight Motion to make QR codes that will send along your content rapidly and appear on your website. Hopefully, you have all the answers regarding How to use QR Codes on Alight Motion.

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