Remove Watermark On Alight Motion

How To Remove Watermark On Alight Motion (Easy and Verified Methods)

Alight Motion – Video and Animation Editing App is a professional and most-liked smartphone application worldwide. It has crossed about millions of downloads and is considered at the top among other editing apps.

It helps you easily create and edit videos in the most effective and stunning ways.
In addition, there are two primary types of Alight Motion Apk i.e. free and premium. There are many interesting tools available in the free version except for some limited functionalities.

However, the pro version has everything available and you can enjoy anything there to make fabulous videos.
Besides all the aspects mentioned above, the watermark is also an issue for the video makers. Yes, the software app puts a logo on your video when you export a video from Alight Motion. Isn’t it bothering you? Are you facing the same issue and want to get rid of it?

Don’t worry! You are at the perfect spot. In this article, we have shared all the details about “How to remove the watermark on Alight Motion”. Let’s get deeper!

Remove Watermark On Alight Motion

What is an Alight Motion Watermark?

Watermark is a self-explanatory term. In simple words, it’s a faint design or logo that is visible on your edited items whenever you export them to your local drive. The primary aim of placing the watermark is to advertise your app or brand.

Methods To Remove Watermark On Alight Motion

There are many methods of mingling on the internet to remove watermarks from Alight Motion videos. However, most of them are not accurate or do not work. So, what’s to do in this situation? We have brought two most authentic and easy ways to remove the Alight Motion Watermark logo from your vid for your assistance. So, let’s get started!

1st Method: Use of Third-Party App

In this method, you will be going to use a third-party app that will work as the watermark remover. Yes, it’s pretty easy and straightforward. Following the simple instructions below:

  • First of all, open the Alight Motion app and make a video by choosing your desired images, effects, transitions etc.
  • Next, check all the details of the video by previewing it.
  • After that navigate to the option and click “Export” to save your video in any desired format.
  • So, you have exported the video to watermark. Alright, download the InShot app from the play store and install.
  • Open the InShot app and open your file by which you want to remove that watermark.
  • After opening, there you will get the remove watermark option for free.
  • Congratulations! The Alight Motion watermark has been removed.

2nd Method: Download the Alight Motion MOD Version

It is the easiest way to remove watermarks from Alight Motion videos. Just search “Alight Motion MOD Apk”, download the modded version of Alight Motion, and it’s all done. The modded version of Alight Motion has a built-in watermark removal feature. Just go and edit your video easily with no watermark. Besides this, you will get some other significant featured in the Alight Motion MOD app:

  • No watermark on videos.
  • Free paid subscription.
  • All elements unlocked.
  • Everything is unlimited.


How do I remove the Alight Motion watermark for free?

There are two ways to remove watermarks for free in Alight Motion. The first is through a third-party app; the second is by using the MOD version of Alight Motion.

Is there any watermark in Alight Motion?

Yes, the Alight Motion free version has a watermark. However, the premium or paid version of Alight Motion is watermark-free


Everyone wants to make stunning videos with the Alight Motion app. The only drawback is its watermark on the Alight Motion video. If you want to know how to get rid of Alight Motion Watermark, check out the methods mentioned above. We hope you will find them helpful.

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