Download Alight Motion 4.0.4 mod apk free full

Alight Motion 4.0.4 MOD APK (No Watermark + Remove Ads) Free Download

Download Alight Motion 4.0.4 Mod APK, which offers premium features with no watermark for professional-quality video editing.

Alight Motion is a popular Android video editing App. It has earned global appreciation for its powerful functionalities and user-friendly interfaces. Watermark presence while using the free version may keep your creativity under wrap. So, the attractiveness of your video remains limited.

It’s when the 4.0.4 Mod APK without a watermark enters the video editing world. This modified edition of the App grants access to premium features and eliminates the watermark. It allows users to easily create and export polished and professional videos without any trademark.

AppAlight Motion
GenreVideo Player & Editor
Upload DateDec. 9, 2021,
Latest UpdateFeb. 20, 2024
Size140 MB
PublisherAlight Creative, inc.
FeatureUnlock MOD, No Watermark
PlatformAndroid, iOS

Alight Motion and motion graphics apps have become central software in today’s digital landscape. These apps enable you to create dynamic multimedia content for your viewers. Hence, Alight APK is the top-rated software for all skill level users due to its excellent features than all other motion graphic tools. 

Alight Motion apk download

The addition of 4.0.4 Mod in Alight Motion provides the next-level advancement that has eliminated the pain of watermarking from your edited videos. It allows you to acquire an improved editing experience by applying premium effects and grabbing more attention in the digital universe.


  • Ads are removed
  • Premium features are unlocked
  • Camera objects
  • Bug Fixes 
  • Layer Parenting
  • XML import and export access
  • Watermark is removed
  • Multiple selectable Media Browser
  • New effects: Dark Glow, Omino Glass, Omino Diffusion+
  • Layer solo, grid, and more
  • Preview zoom & pan. 
  • All versions are free to download.
  • Copy & paste the desired layer styles.
  • Performance is improved.
  • Search the “Alight-Motion 4.0.4 MOD APK” on your browser
  • Open our official web page at the top of your searches and click on the download button
  • Now press on your downloaded file to enable it to install on your device. If it’s not installed immediately, you must check your mobile settings. Regarding this, you may open Settings> Scroll to Security> Open “Unknown Files Source” > Continue to install. 
  • Install your Application and start using 4.0.4 advanced features.
steps for Downloading and Installation for Alight Motion MOD APK

This version is accessible to download on all devices. So, if it’s not working conveniently, you may install it with the best emulator (BlueStacks) assistance. It lets you download and utilize this Application on your PC, Mac, and iOS smoothly.

System Requirements

  • This software is designed to support film editing on mobile devices, especially Android.
  • Your Android device requires at least 1.5 GB of free RAM to download it accurately.
  • Proper functionality needs at least 4GB of RAM and a quad-core processor.
  • Keep your Alight Motion Pro APK updated for appropriate functioning.
  • You may have utilized the primary features of the official Alight Motion APK. You’re proficient in utilizing the advanced features of this Application that are introduced in this version. 
  • Users can initiate using the advanced aspects of animation and layers. This version has provided a universe of layers that are accessible to experience for free. These layers can be grouped to produce stunning animations and graphics in a single video.
  • There are various choices for solid colors and gradients
  • The Keyframe Animation feature is accessible and allows you to set various attributes easily.
  • Introduce different shapes, styles, and templates, and go for color correction options for making your desired appearance.
  • Access to numerous visual effects
  • Create the specific animation styles by editing the vector graphics
  • You may enhance your creations with border and shading effects to add an extra layer to create a realistic impact as an anime-inspired or cartoony animation style. 
  • Preset Animation functions facilitate specific movements and smooth transitions.
  • The motion blur option is a vibrant feature as compared to the simple features of the official Application. It upgrades the velocity and adds a realistic touch to your videos. 
  • Whenever users want to accomplish their tasks, they can save or edit them easily.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to export videos in MP4, GIFs, and other formats.
  • Enhanced User Experience: This Application is ideal for users who want to produce professional-quality videos. You may obtain the benefits of smooth drag-and-drop editing while exhibiting multiple object transformations. 
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: The editing options are conveniently placed in a central region of this App. This approach maximizes the usability of its features without occupying excessive screen space. You’re able to access your project files with a simple click on the menu and start your work.
  • Flexibility in Branding Techniques: Users can accomplish their project goals by incorporating personalized banners. You can also create various videos for promotional and educational purposes. Hence, it facilitates your versatility in content creation. 
  • Ease-of-Use on Mobiles: Thanks to the 4.0.4 version’s user-friendly navigation. You can easily and quickly execute video editing projects on your mobile. It doesn’t require the bulky hardware to work efficiently.
  • Motion Graphics Design: This Application adds dynamism to the editing world by providing the easy to edit images, videos, and animations to engage your audience. 
  • Visual Effects (VFX): it’s an exclusive software for creating specialized effects, especially for TV shows and movies. It lets you integrate influential materials such as live-action footage and background plates.
  • Understand the Animation Design: Alight App brings the frame-based methods by unlocking the keyframes. Users can adjust the animation parameters according to viewers’ demands. 
  • Continuous editing can lead to freeze and cause frustration for users
  • Some devices may stop functioning
  • It may encounter stability issues

You are proficient in downloading the latest version of Alight Motion MOD APK 4.0.4 freely on your Android and iOS devices. It brings no watermark facility with all the improved characters.

You can explore this version’s unique and amazing features and advantages to create effective professional videos.

It is a fascinating solution for quick, stunning video creation on mobile devices. You need to update your App version and try this bug’s fixed edition to acquire the full potential of this Application.

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