How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion (Velocity On Alight Motion Tutorial)

Velocity Edits on Alight Motion allows you to control of time remapping in video editing to transform your footage. You may learn how to adjust speed and frame rates using Alight Motion. How to do velocity edits? It’s a common question wandering on the internet about the famous video and animation editing app – Alight Motion Pro.

In fact, it’s a valid question, and the answer is also available. Previously, Alight Motion was not offering the velocity editing feature because it was newly launched and also in the improvement process. Over time, users and professional video editors complained about this attribute.
After that, the developers started working on adding velocity editing in Alight Motion. If you are unaware of this fact, let us explain it briefly.

How To Do Velocity Edits on Alight Motion

What is meant by Velocity Editing?

Velocity in terms of video editing is technically related to frame rate or fps (Frames Per Second). Velocity is simply the speed of the video that you want to increase or decrease according to your requirements.

If you have heard about frame rate, we are sure you know the best frame rate value for the videos. However, multiple factors are taken into account when choosing the accurate frame rate for your videos.
Not to worry! We have broken down the procedure to customize the velocity of your videos in the Alight Motion App. Let’s get deeper!

Why Select the Velocity Edits in Alight Motion?

There are various fascinating reasons to incorporate velocity edits into your video editing process. Here’s why:

  • If you’re willing to make captivating fast-motion or slow-motion effects with Alight Motion, velocity edits provide an exclusive visual flair to your content.
  • It produces eye-catching time-lapses to showcase the passage of time creatively.
  • It spotlights vital moments within your footage and allows you to draw attention to essential details.
  • You may synchronize your video’s pace with the rhythm of a song and enhance its overall rhythmic and engaging feel.
  • Incorporate a sense of tension or drama into your video by dynamically altering the tempo of the footage.

Step-by-Step Guide To Do Velocity Edits In Alight Motion

Check out the complete procedure to edit velocity in the Alight Motion app quickly and easily.

  • Step 1: Get your video ready at normal speed. Make sure you have added the music and applied the desired filters, stickers, lovely text, and whatever you want.
  • Step 2: Make sure you have added some animations with the default speed set by the Alight Motion app.
  • Step 3: We are assuming that your video consists of different layers. Now, you have to edit all the layers consisting of video.
  • Step 4: First of all, select the layer in which you want to do velocity editing.
  • Step 5: After selecting, you will see a graph (option) in the bottom left corner of your mobile screen.
  • Step 6: Click to open the graph settings. You will see the four sub-options: linear, easy in, easy out, easy in, and out.
  • Step 7: All these options have different usage and yield different results. Here, we have explained these terms.
  • Linear: Help to move the objects with constant speed.
  • Easy in: Offers to move the object slow in starting and fast in the ending.
  • Easy out: Offer to move the object fast in the beginning and slow in the ending.
  • Easy in and out: It offers mixed speeds for your object (fast and slow), whatever you need.
  • Step 8: Next, choose your desired speed-controlled option and save your video again.
  • Step 9: Repeat the process for all your video layers where you want to change the speed.
  • Step 10: Congratulations! You have successfully done the velocity edit in Alight Motion. Now, share and enjoy your video.

How to Upgrade Velocity Edits Skill?

Fortunately, you know about how you can perform velocity edits. So, it’s an important element of how you can learn more about mastering your velocity edits. 

Time Remap Alight Motion
  • Choose Your Video Clip: Firstly select the video segment you want to apply speed adjustments to by simply tapping on it.
  • Velocity Controls Facility: You can go for the speed controls in the menu that opens options like ‘Time Remapping,’ ‘Speed Bend,’ and ‘Speed.’
  • Speed Adjustment: Well, here, you must use the ‘Speed’ control to decrease or increase your video project’s speed. Users are capable of experimenting with different speeds to achieve their desired effect.
  • Velocity Curve: If you want the curve speed, then open the ‘Speed Bend for more precise adjustments.’ This tool allows you to create smooth transitions between different speeds and adds a professional touch to your project.
  • Time Remapping: It’s ideal for manipulating the timing of different events within your project. So, time remapping is perfect for composing unique slow-motion or time-lapse sequences. 
Apply Time Rapping Alight Motion

What are the Tips for using Exceptional Velocity Edits?

  • Storytelling Mindset: You must ensure that your selected speeds enhance your video’s storytelling. Meanwhile, your speed adjustment should be convenient and in balance with your content story rather than eclipse it.
  • Experimentation Access: Alight Motions allows you to feel free to utilize the velocity edits and do your desired experiments. So, the more you engage in speed adjustments, the more skilled and imaginative you’ll become.
  • Smooth Transition: Users should go for speed ramps for reliable transitions between speed alterations. This technique enhances the quality of your edits.
  • Sync Audio: You may adjust the sound speed to align with your project’s pacing. Proper synchronization of video and audio is essential for a smooth viewing experience. 


Yes, velocity editing can elevate numerous videos that range from high-energy action sequences to tranquil landscapes. It brings a specific dimension to users’ storytelling.

You may simply navigate to the export settings, select your desired format and settings, and then click the export button in Alight Motion App.

Yes, you can add keyframes throughout the velocity edit process in Alight Motion.

Yes, to do so, by adding the keyframes within your editing process of velocity. This aspect is accessible in Alight motion, and you may go for your desired effects.

Final Words

These days video editing is a fun profession also. Velocity editing makes the edited video more attractive and focused for the viewers. Without velocity edits (Source), your video does not look eye-catching and attractive.
The alight Motion app has made velocity editing a piece of cake.

We have shared the step-by-step process for velocity editing in the Alight Motion app. We hope this easy and quick method will help you to make your videos more eye-catchy. Moreover, you can check how to remove the watermark of the video in using alight motion.

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