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Alight Motion Mod Apk

Alight Motion 5.0.196 provides professional graphics editing with attractive video and audio editing capabilities. This version offers graphic layers, a file size of 75.5 MB, and is accessible for Android (6.0+) for smooth performance.

NameAlight Motion
Upload DateOctober 3, 2023
GenreVideoplayers & Editor
File75.5 MB
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.

5.0.196 Alight Motion is an advanced iconic version that provides graphics processing, animation, and video editing on mobile devices. It offers plenty of creative expression and an intuitive interface suitable for all expertise levels. So, you can adjust quality, manipulate vector graphics, animate images, and create collages. 

Alight Motion apk download

Although video editing features of Alight Motion include transitions, merging clips, and trimming, it comes with special effects from a varying collection of previous versions. This program introduces script development and enables the creation of complex animations with multi-layer generation. It allows you to combine text layers and media elements, integrate audio effects, and enhance visuals with additional effects.

A wide range of customizable building blocks, animation creation, image enhancement, and video editing are accessible in its library. You’re able to apply over 150 effects, create professional-grade visualization, and elevate your creativity. Meanwhile, it offers the flipping, opacity, fill, moving, shadow, blending, border, color, etc. elements for your videos.

However, this upgraded Version opens the premium features for content creators. Unlike standard Applications where a watermark appears on all videos, this Version comes with a watermark-free video saving option. Meanwhile, you can acquire it at no cost. You may simply install it on your devices, initiate your project, and apply suitable effects through its user-friendly interface.

  • Copy & paste option for layer styles
  • Layer parenting access
  • Preview zoom and pan 
  • Camera object
  • Bug fixes
  • Layer solo, grid, and more
  • Performance improvements
  • New effects: Hexagon, Parenting helper, Scale assist, Tile rotate, Raster transform, Hexagon Tile Shift
  • Access to add multiple media files
  • Further attributes: Edge glow, Solid matte, Hollow box, Soft glow, Smooth edges, Turbulence, Light glow, Dots, Electric edges, Motion blur, Luma key, Flip Layer
  • Advanced framing options such as 20fps,18fps
  • The oscillating effect is improved
  • Fine-tune effects, including clearer labels and sensible numbers
what is new feature comes in alight motion


The Modded version 5.0.196 eliminates the watermark from all it’s designed and created projects. This feature has boosted the popularity of the advanced Alight Motion APK. Regular users like to incorporate this Application into their business and accomplish their tasks effectively. It lets you complete your professional orders of content creation without an ugly watermark. Well, it comes with a more clean, vibrant, and smooth trademark-free visualization than an official App with a fixed watermark. 

High-Quality Export

The iconic feature of the advanced Version is the ability to export high-quality animated GIFs and videos in your required formats. This extraordinary App offers ultimate benefits for professional and personal use. It allows you to save your edited work to your draft for later export and sharing on social media. Hence, top-rated resolution and various file formats permit you to deliver professional edits to your customers and viewers. 

User-friendly Interface

Alight Motion Mod App shines because of its user-friendly interface and tranquil navigation. So users like to invest time to master its functionalities and add its diversified tools. Additionally, this Application conveniently guides you to add and remove elements from your videos. 

Dynamic Effects and Controls

Well, Alight Motion developers have introduced an effective control system for satisfactory results in video creation. You may acquire complete guidance to set positions, the duration of each layer, and the addition and extension of multiple effects within a short clip. Hence, you can insert and remove various media contents (images, short clips) from your videos. The most effective drilling elements of this Version are Drilling Sound, Drilling Speed, Drill Bit, and Drill Smoke.

Powerful Editing Tools

Alight Motion Pro APK’s authoritative elements include motion effects, keyframe animation, all premium tools access and layer-based editing. This feature encourages you to create professional-grade videos with ease. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro editor, this Application, especially this Version, is an excellent choice for you. It’s because, with keyframe effects, you can animate effects and texts that enhance the overall vibrancy of your videos.

advanced features of latest updated version of Alight Motion APK
  • No subscription is required for editing your animations, videos, photos, motion graphics
  • XML supportive
  • Powerful features and straightforward navigation
  • Video exporting in top-notch formats
  • No-lagging
  • Keyframes, visual effects, and text editing access
  • 2000+ font access
  • Consistent updates with upgraded and improved performance
  • More than 150 new and safe features
  • Effects and options to eliminate your content’s background 
  • Effective working on all devices 

Alight Motion version 5.0.196 is a powerful mobile App that Alight Motion Inc. designs for professional video editing. This Version has various features such as unlimited effects, blending, color grading, and layer creation. These features ease the editing pathway for all users. So you’re able to easily navigate on the obvious interface and create your required projects with cool exporting access. 

Furthermore, its pro modes open the ultimate stunning effects without any paid subscription. For those users who cannot go for paid Mod, this Application is for you. It’s entirely equipped with your professional video editing needs. Let’s experience the efficient and smooth effects with easy installation on any device.

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