Alight Motion Mod apk 5.0.249

Alight Motion Mod apk 5.0.249

Alight Motion 5.0.249 version introduces professional motion design capabilities for high-quality motion and animation graphics. It offers Modded premium features for enhanced video editing experiences on Android and iOS devices.

Alight Motion APK offers handy video editing with comprehensive features. It’s a user-friendly interface and is available for Android and iOS. Specifically, this application was designed for Android; later, it was upgraded for easy installation on compatible devices.

However, the 5.0.249 version of this application has made it a top-notch choice for editing professionals. It comes with fascinating features, including video compositing, animation, presets, templates, visual effects, and editing. The extensive media library, including vector shapes, layers, videos, images, a freehand drawing facility, and more, permits you to create elite content.

AppAlight Motion
GenreVideo Players – Editors
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
StatusFree & 100% working
MODPremium unlimitedSingle Package APK (SAI not required)No Watermark
File118 MB
ReleaseAug 5, 2018,
Latest UpdateFebruary 10, 2024
Downloads100 Million+
Supported ForAndroid (iOS with Emulator)
Alight Motion apk download

Alight users are capable of elevating their creativity in graphic designs with unique visual effects. These effects and powerful editing tools enhance your working efficiency instantly. It also comes with a polished, genuine appearance and easily useable options. 

We share this version with all the fixed problems you may encounter in Alight Motion’s previous versions. However, this version is the fullest-packed award for regular users and a fascinating editing source for all beginners. You may acquire the bundle of one-of-a-kind features that result in top-rated edited visual content.

However, let’s download this professional animated mod application to experience the entire current potential. Your Android devices are happily compatible with it, and it allows you to install and apply its advanced features. So, this version of the Application is well-known among viewers and users. 

Notably, Alight Motion 5.0.249 supports 17+ languages: Hindi, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Korean, English, Russian, Finnish, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Polish, etc.

  • Suppose you’re going to apply premium features and acquire a paid version. You need to remove the free version from your device (if it’s already installed).
  • Click on our provided Download button to obtain this latest version for free.
  • Navigate to your phone settings, click “Security Settings,” and enable the appearing section of “Unknown sources.”
  • Now open your “File Manager” device and choose the “APKs” from the menu.
  • Press the option “install” and wait a while until the installation process is completed.

 So, this version is successfully installed on your phone. Comprehensive Details:

Download the Alight Motion MOD Version 5.0.113 without Watermark
  • Numerous bug fixes 
  • Elevate your creativity by upgrading now for enhanced performance
  • No watermark
  • Ads are entirely removed
  • Chroma Key access
  • Subscription with unlimited features
  • XML files responsive
  • All effects, templates, and presets are unlocked
  • Apply the bitmap and vector support for direct editing
  • Enjoy the dynamic control with keyframe animation.
  • Effectively create group layers and precise Masks
  • Acquire more than 200 basic effects in-build blocks.
  • Incorporate multifold layers of audio, video, and graphics.
  • Create smooth motion with animation presets.
  • Utilize the focus blur and fog effects with the camera option.
  • Make your parent-child layer relationships with upgraded templates
  • Apply numerous colour options with real-time adjustments
  • Practice the advanced effects for Strokes, Shadows, and Borders
  • Velocity-based motion blur access
  • Ease for users by bookmarking and navigating quickly
  • Integrate gradient filling and solid color effects
  • Copy-pasting styles, customized fonts and more
advanced features of latest updated version of Alight Motion APK
  • Incredible effects
  • Light Motion Shapes
  • Move layers
  • Border Shadows
  • Circle Masking effects
  • Circle Outline
  • On-Off Layers
  • Significant colors
  • Timely manageable videos of high-resolution
  • APK premium fonts
  • Simple to operate
  • Slow Motion Video
  • Export Videos

This version brings top-rated functions that you must understand before using this Application:

  • The Android Application is a freely accessible and highly reliable video editing application. it offers amazing graphics with high-quality results 
  • Although it’s established for Android devices, Alight Motion extends its support to iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. It also comes with VFX and other innovative features.
  • This Application competes strongly with professional-grade animation and video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.
  • With a smooth and intuitive interface, Alight Motion eliminates concerns about editing skills and guides users through editing. 
  • Well, this advanced animation tool facilitates editing, media importing, and exporting on your device. It beats the common video editors with its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • You’re proficient enough to simply get its downloadable file to your device and start editing your content with exceptional effects.

Alight Motion is accessible on Google Play with an in-app purchasing option. You can obtain it for $0.49 – $ 79.99 per App. You must create and login to your account on this App and then buy the paid subscription. Remember, this app version is free of cost and is accessible on our web source as well.

TitlesCostTime Duration
Monthly Subscription$6.99Monthly
Weekly Subscription$4.99Weekly
Weekly Subscription$0.99Weekly
Weekly Cloud Subscription$7.99Weekly
Weekly Subscription$4.99Weekly
Annual Subscription$28.99Annual

This update introduces stability, optimizations, and enhancements for improved performance by bug fixing. You need to view our whole corporation to check the efficiency of optimization. 

Our team has introduced this version with assured enhancements concerning “bug fixes and performance improvements” for Android devices. Furthermore, all glitches are fixed for all other devices as well. This software ultimately brings an enhanced and appropriate user experience.

  • Fluid animation responsive
  • Runs smoothly and quickly on every device, either Android or ios
  • User-friendly, clean, simple, and quick interface
  • Appropriate customer support
  • Consistent updates
  • Previous elements are reusable by storing
  • Unlocked mod with no-watermark video creation
  • Key Frame and layers may freeze while using
  • Often, audio editing may lag
  • Considerable time is required to export video and music files
What is the best character of Alight Motion 5.0.249?

It brings this application an updated and trendy form of professional motion design. Users can utilize video editing, motion graphics, video compositing, professional-quality animation, visual effects, and more elements. However, you can also take the support of bitmap and vectors, edit your graphics, create masking and layer effects, and improve your editing skills with these free tools.

How much RAM is reliable to use in Alight Motion?

Alight Motion App needs at least 2GB of RAM for PCs and Androids. So, your device must have at least 1.5GB of RAM for effective installation and operation.

How many effects are accessible in the updated Alight Motion Version 5.0.249?

There are more than a hundred vibrant effects, templates, presets, and other keyframe attributes that you can utilize for your video editing.

Users must download the latest official and up-to-date version, 5.0.249, of Alight Motion APK for a convenient editing experience. This version is accessible to freely download from our verified and standard platform instead of other risky sources. You can acquire all the knowledge about this version and then apply the extensive effects library for your content creation. Therefore, if you still face any glitches, feel free to ask for help. Our customer support is always ready to provide trustworthy assistance.

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