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Alight Motion Overlays Free Download

Alight Motion App proffers qualitative features for motion graphics on your phone. This application provides free overlays of motion graphics, 4k visual effects, video editing, professional-quality animation, and video alignments.

Although it brings multifold media types for its regular users, including:

  • Freehand drawing facility
  • Audio Library
  • Multiple layer graphics
  • Images and videos overlays
  • Manifold overlays
  • List of vector shapes
  • Vector drawing facility

Therefore, the Alight motion application comprises a free overlay for PNG transparent image editing to top-notch quality. So you can get your professional images in high resolution daily. Moreover, there are more than 100 customizable effects. The overlay building block library plays a fantastic role in creative editing. The building blocks ensure sophisticated and professional visual effects. Eventually, the Alight motion overlay aims to boost the users’ creativity to the next level.

Mainly, users get rid of separate software to remove the backgrounds from photos and videos. When background removals are not required, you quickly add your professional background to your project. There is a massive variety of effects for your images and video editing that you can apply according to your project when needed.

Free Download Alight motion Overlays

  • Live stream frame design webcam overlay
  • Youtube live stream overly red PNG
  • Webcam overlays for streaming online
  • Frame webcam overlay gaming red
  • Gaming Elegant Live streaming overlays
  • Twitch live-stream overlay face of red color
  • Red facecam webcam stream overlay
  • Celebration background > by gold ribbons and confetti PNG Vector graphics
  • Music player PNG Overlays
  • Abstract glowing Neon styles for Instagram with rectangular border twitch frame and shiny light effect overlay
  • Instagram Neon circle border twitch frame overlay
  • Stream overlay template for twitch
  • Bottom black gradient shadow overlay
  • Twitch live stream overlay with face-cam screen frame panel of neon style 3
  • Music player overlay with transparent background
  • Streaming overlay design
  • Red stream overlays
  • Small star particles overlay
  • Stream package game red color overlay
  • Twitch stream gradient stylish face border overlay
  • Overlay grunge border along with transparent background
  • Twitch live stream overlay with facecam template
  • Red twitch webcam or facecam overlays
  • Twitch streaming overlay for facecam frame
  • Streaming overlay template for twitch black and red
  • Game live stream overlay with futuristic cyberpunk style
  • Webcam overlays for online streaming
  • Webcam or Facecam overlay for streaming online
  • Frame webcam overlay for gaming red
  • PNG music player transparent background overlay
  • Twitch live stream overlay with facecam screen panel frame of Neon style
  • Streaming overlay frame for the game border
  • Facecam border stream overlays
  • Red twitch live stream overlay for gamers
  • Shadow border overlay with black gradient
  • Streaming overlay template for game black and yellow
  • Christmas snow falling overlay with transparent background
  • Futuristic high-tech twitch with live streaming gaming face border overlay
  • Chrismas facecam stream overlay
  • Black halftone dotted overlay background
  • Twitch live stream gaming overlay with social media pop-up buttons
  • Creative and New twitch live stream gaming overlay webcam facecam frame
  • Twitch live streaming overlay
  • Futuristic dark blue-pink gradient steaming border overlay
  • Live streaming overlays
  • White dust splatter overlay
  • Panel game set of streaming overlay twitch facecam in red and black
  • Chrismas facecam stream overlay
  • Bottom shadow blue gradient overlay
  • Twitch overlay live streaming face cam border
  • Shadow border of abstract gradient ornament overlay
  • Music player overlay
  • Streaming overlay of green cyan clean style
  • Grunge dirt overlay 0806
  • Red live-streaming webcam and facecam overlay
  • Live streaming webcam or facecam template overlay
Alight Motion Overlay free download

List of new Alight Motion overlay effects

  • Contour Lines
  • Curl
  •  Count Up/Down
  • Contour Gradient
  • Fast Box Blur
  • Dissolve
  • Find Edges
  • Feather
  • Gradient Map
  • Fractal Ridges
  • Grid
  • Inner Blur
  • Lens Flare
  • Gradient Overlay
  • Linear Repeat
  • Inner Pinch/Bulge
  • Grid Repeat
  • Mask Blur
  • Radial Rays
  • Radial Shadow
  • Matte Choker
  • Inner Glow
  • Radial Repeat
  • Repeat
  • Roughen Edges
  • Mirror
  • Ribbon
  • Replace Color
  • Sharpen
  • Solid Color
  • Repeat Along Path
  • Star
  • Stroke Color
  • Text Transform
  • Squeeze
  • Scatter Repeat
  • Threshold
  • Turbulent Displace
  • Solid Matte
  • Turbulence
  • Tunnel
  • Time Quantization
New Alight Motion effects Overlays

Freely Download Alight Motion Overlay

You have viewed more than 50 Alight Motion overlays here. How can you get that one if you want to create your videos or status animations using your desired layout?

Though, here we have brought the download option for all these overlays. When editing your video content, simply click on our provided overlay button. Now, you can edit your video by favorite overlay, as we have mentioned using steps for green screen overlay. 

You only need to download your desired overlay on your alight motion application > Apply it to your video> and export your video.

The exciting thing for users is that all these overlays are accessible free of cost. Hence, the overlays are usable on your Android, iOS, Mac, etc., on all devices. Moreover, you can look at the numerous effects of overlays and then select your required one. 

How do you use the green screen overlay on your video by Alight Motion?

  • You can locate the green screen overlaying theme before your camera roll.
  • On the other hand, select your video on Alight Motion> open effects > Select the green screening overlay.
  • Click on it to add your video.
  • The green screen overlay is imported into your editing interface.
  • Enable your video with a newly added overlay.
  • Drag the green screen on your video’s playback frame. This way, you can fix the overlay-specific position on your video. 

How to add and make the overlays on Alight Motion?

Choose your overlay style > Overlay customization on your video > Build your video and export

  • Firstly, upload your video: open or upload your video or animation on which do to want to add the overlay effect. Likewise, you are able to make your video by adding your images and other elements. 
  • The next vital step is Effects addition: To make your videos attractive, click “Filters.” Choose the demanding colors, gradients, effects, and filters you need to apply to make videos.
  • Download option: When you’ve upgraded your videos entirely, click on the download. Tap on the Export Video option. Ultimately, your video with Alight Motion overlays is ready to share.

You can also utilize the overlaying software, which enables you to add/mask different layers on your pictures and videos. Using Alight Motion, you can make various layers on your single project that boost your graphics skills. However, your video visualization seems modified and different from the rest of the experts.


Added effects:

There are various options for visual elements adjustment. You can proficiently alter the Motion blurs, shadows, gradient fills, animations, etc. 

Several layers Support:

The users can create their videos with many layers. Alight Motion has an overlaying feature absent in all other editing software. You can edit your videos with multiple layers simultaneously.


Therefore, when you’re making your animation and videos, it takes several hours. If you are unable to share them with your clients, friends, and family, it’s useless. Thus, you can create and export your videos using the Alight motion application. 

Saving components:

Sometimes, you want to create the same editing effects on different projects. The Alight Motion overlaying feature also allows you to save your required elements for later use. It makes your work more efficient when using identical components on many titles. 

Animated videos:

Alight Motion overlaying application carries the tones of animated video editing, exporting possibilities, playable effects, and so on. You can edit your videos as a professional editor.

Alight Motion Features

Why is Alight Motion effective for video editing?

There are countless reasons why Alight Motion is a more reliable application than all other editors. The major one is the many overlays available with the accessible downloading facility. Alight Motion allows the transition, text, audio, color, and timing overlays and boosts user editing skills. Additionally, this software is user-friendly, creating high-quality videos with professional outcomes. That’s why most people love to use the Alight Motion. 


Alight Motion overlays are available for tablets, smartphones, iPad, and Macs. You can edit your videos using different overlays simultaneously. Thus, let’s create your animation, videos, status clips, and professional video projects by using this application. 

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