How To Use Preset In Alight Motion

How To Use Preset In Alight Motion?

In the Alight Motion app, there are numerous different preset types. Also, you can create detailed and intricate animations using these presets for your project. Presets are collections of photo-editing tools that, by combining their strengths, also may transform your digital photos and movies into stunning final products.

Furthermore, how to use preset in Alight Motion get described in this blog.

How to use XML preset in Alight Motion?

The first method involves editing films using XML coding format using Alight Motion presets. The preset gets shared using this technique when its owner shares a file with the .xml extension. You should also first explore the appropriate XML video format before producing a video only with XML Alight Motion preset. Also, This is because XML files for older apps are not editable. Follow the steps below;

  • Alight MotionMotion needs to import XML presets. Also, for that, Download the XML-formatted preset file first.
  • Go to your Google Account file and open the preset after downloading.
  • Wait a moment, and the template will be downloaded and installed immediately in the Alight Visual effects editing program.
  • In the project menu, you can also view the presets.

Use preset in Alight Motion Android & iPhone:

Step1: Configuring:

  • Go to settings of Android & Iphone
  • Select Unkown sources (apps) > Allow this setting

Step 2: Downloading

  • Download Alight motion from here.
  • Click install > Open it

Step 3: Use Preset

  • Use the default Android browsing tab to download the preconfigured app file.
  • Also, To use USB mass-storage mode with an Android device and a PC, you must first attach your Android to the computer.
  • After that, you can find the file on your computer and install it using a folder like File Explorer.

How to make preset in Alight Motion using Links?

  • When you click on a link, your browser establishes a direct connection to the Alight Motion program.
  • Therefore, the preconfigured owner typically distributes the link where it originates.
  • Additionally, You can complete the creative video process below if you have the URL. Click download and then wait while the process is completed.
  • Also, The Alight Motion application’s project menu will now include the preset.

How to add Preset in Alight Motion using QR code?

A third-party program like Alight Motion gets required if you wish to modify videos using only a QR code. Also, This App gets widely offered on the Playstore or Appstore. Follow the steps below;

  • The Alight Motion program instantly launches for you when you scan a QR code.
  • Also, download or take a screenshot to add the pre-generated QR code to your project. Then, scan it using third-party software.
  • Import it into your project to automatically add the preset to your screen.

How to use preset in Alight motion 2022 on PC?

Method 1:

  • It’s effortless and straightforward to install the Bluestacks 5 program.
  • To open the Play Store, double-click on the icon in Bluestacks, which gets already pre-installed with it.
  • Find Alight Motion, Movie, and Animated Studio to install on your PC in this instance. Also, Your computer will automatically begin installing it.
  • Bluestacks’ list of downloaded software is where you may find the App which is ready for use.

Method 2:

  • MEmu Play is another well-known Android emulator that has recently attracted much attention. Also, It is swift, adaptable, and specifically made for gaming.
  • The original Memu Fun software can get downloaded and installed.
  • Also, Open the emulator once it has got installed, then look for the Google store Official app on the main screen.
  • Look for the Alight Motion, Video, and Cartoon Editor App on Google Play. Lastly, Select the Install option after locating the official App.

How to use preset in Alight Motion Google drive?

The answer to How to use alight Motion presets from google drive IOS gets mentioned below;

  • Open the Drive app while keeping the downloaded XML preset file on your phone.
  • Install the Drive app if you don’t already have it, and sign in using your Google account.
  • To your Drive, upload the file.
  • Next, pick the XML preset file by searching for it where you saved it.
  • To send a copy, select that option. Also, the XML preset will get imported into your Projects by choosing the Alight Motion app.

How to import preset in Alight Motion Tiktok?

One only needs to join or upload the preferred Alight Motion preset using that link once they have obtained it from TikTok. Also, You only have to click on the preset URL; after that, you’ll get sent directly to the import program. Other conditions need to get understood and described to import preset on Alight Motion.


What are presets, and how can we use them?

Presets are a collection of photo-editing options created to transform your digital photographs instantly. Because of Preset Alight Motion, users can modify videos with specific styles without having to make them from scratch.


Preset files can now get used in your Alight Motion applications. Also, Each XML file must get imported separately on either IOS or Android. There is no workaround for iPhone users. Only premium users with access to the project URL or QR code can perform that. 

Also, to fully understand the article, read the answer to how to use preset in Alight Motion. This article thoroughly explains all the questions about preset use in the Alight Motion app. Also, read preset blogs to know how to edit preset in Alight Motion.

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