Full-Screen Ratio in Alight Motion

Full-Screen Ratio in Alight Motion

Alight Motion application carries the excellent function of fixing the full-screen ratio. After your videos fixation, your Videos and images will never chop off from top or bottom on any screen. 

Have you ever watched videos and images on TV, on the Computer, or on other screens that sliced off from the sides? It’s a common problem when the aspect ratio of your created content doesn’t equal your device screen. If your content’s width-to-height proportion wouldn’t match your screen resolution, how can you imagine it’s perfect for the audience? 

Full-Screen Ratio in Alight Motion

Sometimes the users’ screens automatically try to stretch the video and images, but it may distort the image’s vision. Now you need to fix the resolution and size ratio professionally. In this regard, Alight Motion offers a full-screen ratio that commits you to make the best editing content. However, users have an accurate editing performance strategy using this application. 

Why does Alight Motion?

Hence, Alight Motion legally provides the fitting and resolving features to users. That’s why; we are revealing how Alight Motion fixes the issues of full-screen ratio. Therefore, after reviewing this article, you’ll be proficient in correctly filling out your videos on screen without chop-off and black-bar errors. 

Full-Screen Ratio in Alight Motion

In case you don’t like to watch the extended top or sidebar of black color and the video is cutting from the other side. So your edited video is unable to be watched on the TV screen. Don’t bother with the resolution issues; just open your Alight Motion. You must go through your best run-through and improve your editing skills. There is a straightforward way to edit professional videos. Let’s learn the easy ways to make full-screen videos. 

How can you fix the full-screen ratio in Alight Motion?

The users have to change the video’s aspect ratio. The ratio is determined from recommended width to the height of the video. For instance, usually, the TV resolution is 16:9, taken for widescreen. This ratio indicates 16 units of width and 9 units of height. 

If you want to change this ratio of the video, you can perform this activity on various platforms, including Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

The most reliable and trustworthy way of cutting and fixing is by Alight Motion. This application allows you to alter the aspect ratio of your project videos. Click on ‘Project Menu, and then Setting. Now export it with the new file option. Watch your videos on a computer or TV screen; these are fixed now. 

For this purpose, you must follow the remarkable steps;

Step 1: To make the trendy professional video full-screen, you must install the alight Motion.

Tap on the Download button > Launch (Install) the application on your device. 

Once you have installed it successfully, open the application and see various ratios. Pick up the full-screen ratio (1080-2340 resolution) with a transparent or black background. Turn allow the new project or create your video project here. 

Step 2: Once you get your required screen ratio for your status project. Then, you need to import the effects of precise quality for your project editing. Remember your selected effects don’t contain the bars.

Step 3: Chop your videos to the official length. Sometimes, users ignore this step, then their project appears with a distorted screen display. Thus, the editor must be attentive to trim his videos. 

Step 4: It’s the ‘Screen fitting’ or adjustment step. Well, professionals can change their video aspect ratio. They can alter it according to their project’s demand or generally with 16-9. Whether you are interested in creating your WhatsApp video status, you can choose any minimal size with a screen adjustment effect.

Step 5: When you have performed your desired video fixation. At last, export your recently created video/WhatsApp status. You can open it as a new project file. 

For status Video Fixation

  • Choose the screen ratio of 1080: 2340
  • Add the background picture from Plus Icon.
  • Enlarge your video’s time duration along with your background image
  • Enable the audio option on your video.
  • Using the three dots of the Menu, choose and add your image. 
  • Please enable it for full-screen display.
  • Then select the other effects like rectangle or circle shapes of transition.
  • Set the required scale value and adjust them
  • So your video is ready to export. 

Additional Features

After importing your edited images in 4k Quality, you have to add the auto shake filter. By selecting the Shake effect, you can examine various new options. It’s an additional or preferred task if you want to add more effects to your full-screen edited photos or animations. 

Furthermore, you can select the musically-ALLYR for adding lyrics to your project. It will grab the listener’s interaction. Fortunately, it contains different lyrics that are used in various full-screen ratio editing projects. 

Alight motion App allows full-screen video editing for Android, iOS, and PC devices. Well, you can adjust your videos with a variety of tools, effects, transitions, keyframing, etc., here. The users have unlocked premium features of creating top-notch quality videos.



Can you alter the aspect ratio of a video?

Yes, Alight Motion provides premium features for altering the size ratio of videos. You can proficiently chop off your flicks by Alight Motion or any alternative by Adobe.

What is the general ratio of videos for editing and adjusting?

The standard widescreen ratio is 16: 9, shows that the flick must be 16 units wide – 9 units long.

Final verdict

You have seen how you can fix the full-screen ratio on your videos and images with the Alight motion App. However, you can create your WhatsApp statuses (4 : 3 ratio) or other videos (16:9) for the TV screen. Alight Motion has resolved the problems of video distraction on different screens. Moreover, Alight Motion’s edited videos are responsive to all devices and Screens.


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