Why Does Alight Motion Keep Crashing

Why Does Alight Motion Keep Crashing?

This article lists a few more frequent issues you could encounter while attempting to export pictures or videos with Alight Motion. Also, You might not be able to use the Alight Motion app because of a device or internet connection issue. If none of the issues listed below apply to Why does Alight Motion keep crashing, please refer to the final portion of this article for extra assistance.

Common Errors On Why Does Alight Motion Keep Crashing

Insufficient GPU RAM error:

Although problems with RAM or graphical capacity are also possible, the lack of extra storage on the device is most likely to blame. Also, Try the instructions below if you’re experiencing problems uploading a video or an image to Alight Motion;

  • Restart the device. Help ensure no other applications are active. 
  • Also, Hold down the Long Press key while tapping the Share icon on the project thumbnail you want to export to view export choices. 
  • Comparatively speaking, this will consume fewer resources than exporting from within the project. Also, attempt exporting directly from the project list instead of opening the project and navigating to the Export & Share screen.
Insufficient GPU RAM error:

Crashing while editing:

Please refrain from uninstalling and reinstalling a program if it crashes while you are editing it. Also, This will eliminate all of your projects and might not solve the problem;

  • Please stay aware that clearing up storage space by uninstalling data or programs from your device won’t stop crashes from happening.
  • Also, please send your name, location, contact information, email account, and the app version, along with a thorough description of your issue, to our team.
  • Your device’s and the app you’re using’s details are displayed on the About screen. Also, when you initially open the app, you can discover this window in App Settings.
  • The team will have diagnostic data about your crashes that one can use to resolve the issue if you could kindly supply your Crash Monitoring ID.

Disappearing of media files in Apple Products:

Music and video content gets played by Alight Motion using multimedia content on your device. Please ensure that all permissions get correctly configured when using an Apple item by checking the following;

  • Please make sure Demonstration Mode gets disabled when you have appropriate files that you also want the app to be able to access in your camera roll or the Alight Motion subfolder in the Files app.
  • Also, please confirm that Apple Music gets enabled and Albums get selected to All Photos. 
  • Plus, Make sure Alight Motion gets permitted access to your media and photographs on Mac machines by going to Systems Preferences, clicking Security & Privacy, and checking the box.

Disappearing of media files in Android:

  • Please ensure that all permissions get properly configured if users are using a Device, and Alight Motion also does not recognize any file formats on your device.
  • Please check whether Demo Mode not get enabled in the application’s Settings Menu.
  • Depending on your device, the placement of this setting also may differ significantly. Make sure Alight Motion has permission to access your multimedia content.
Disappearing of media files in Android


Will the app crash after a black screen appears?

An app will crash after a brief time on a black screen when you launch it. Also, Few solutions exist for this issue. Press the recent apps menu and its first left key on your phone. After that, you can also exit the problematic app and restart it to fix the issue.

What reason can prevent the app page from loading?

The Alight Motion application host could get offline, preventing the page from loading. Also, You don’t have a functioning Internet or cellular data connection, which can cause this problem. Too many people are simultaneously using the app is another reason. Before beginning to download, check your data connection. Then, after a short delay, try again.

What can cause a login issue in the app?

A downed Alight Motion server might bring on the login in account issue. Also, Review if the assistance is operational if you log in through a third-party social network, such as Google. A ban or deactivation of your account could result from your actions on the app.

Why do app updates crash in IOS?

Please ensure your mobile device has enough capacity and that the software you’re attempting to download is compatible with the iOS version. Make sure your phone has enough storage so you can download updates. Also, It might prevent app updates.


Lastly, these are some of the many errors about Why does Alight Motion keep crashing. The crash may happen because of low storage or while exporting files. Also, it can happen in IOS or Android too. So always make sure to know the cause of the crash to deal with it quickly.

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