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Best Alight Motion Fonts Download 2024 List

The Best Alight Motion Fonts Download option is accessible for all devices, which adds a touch of creativity to your projects. You can enhance your storytelling and engage your audience with the perfect fonts for every mood and theme.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to add text to your video if you want to convey a certain message. Not to mention, it’s also crucial to make your video stunning, professional, and more attractive. Adding text is important, but style also matters a lot. Style depicts certain niches and ideas, and they are made according to human psychology.

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There are more than 2000+ writing styles in this application, and some premium fonts are also available. However, the Alight Motion MOD app allows you to add custom fonts by importing the files without any problem. It’s free for all users and a useful feature for everyone. This guide is all about Alight Motion fonts download, how to use them, what are the top styles of writing your text, and much more. Let’s get deeper into the details.

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Alight Motion Fonts: Explained

It’s an ideal video editing app for text-based videos and offers effective fonts to enhance your connection with the audience conveniently. Furthermore, different writing styles offer several features, such as customized color, shape, size, and more. To download your favorite fonts, click on the downloading link. Another important benefit is that you can save any of the fonts and share them with your friends by clicking on the share button. So, download fonts today and add them to share videos on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

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A Complete Variety of Fonts

According to our experience, the Alight Motion app (Free or Paid) consists of 2000+ fonts for their users. So, they are striving to update the fonts library to meet the digital era demands. Choose, pick up, and add your desired fonts to create visual clues. Furthermore, if you don’t like any pre-installed fonts, make custom fonts according to your requirements or mood. Don’t wait any longer! Use this functionality and enjoy.

Easy To Use Writing Styles

Unlike other paid software, fonts are very easy to use in the Alight Motion app for Android and IOS. They offer simple and user-friendly software. In our experience, a newbie can add and customize fonts to make your videos look professional. Many famous YouTubers and Facebook influencers use these fonts to convey the desired message.

Alight Motion Customized Fonts

Now, you can customize and add customized fonts by importing files. Many professionals use some high-end fonts (which might not be available in this app), making this app useful for everyone. Change font and color, and make adjustments as you want. The benefits do not end here because fonts are available in different languages. In short, this app and fonts are very flexible to use for everyone.

Best Alight Motion Fonts For Android and IOS

There are 2000+ fonts in this video editor, but we have listed the top 30 Alight Motion fonts in the following. The ranking is based on feedback from the users.

You should carefully utilize the popular fonts of our Alight Motion App. However, we’ve introduced the best list of fonts that’s according to our expertise and Alight Motion’s user feedback. These fonts allow you to inject your unique flair into Alight Motion projects.

  • 1st: Monstserrt SemiBold Italicr
  • 2nd: Destoria Regular
  • 3rd: Thundercover
  • 4th: Have Heart One
  • 5th: Bassy
  • 6th: Evora
  • 7th: Simply Rounded
  • 8th: Magista Brush
  • 9th. Wintersoul
  • 10th: The Rickon
  • 11th: Dancing Script
  • 12th: Arial
  • 13th: Amatic SC
  • 14th: Cabin
  • 15th: Bebas Neue
  • 16th: Source Sans Pro
  • 17th: Poppins
  • 18th: Roboto
  • 19th: Comfortaa
  • 20th: Helvetica
  • 21th: Lato
  • 22th: Monstserrt
  • 23th: Georgia
  • 24th: Open Sans
  • 25th: Times New Roman
  • 26th: Pacifico
  • 27th: Quicksand
  • 28th: Playfair Display
  • 29th: Futura
  • 30th: Raleway

How To Download/Import Fonts In Alight Motion?

Express your video by writing catchy text on your photos or videos. Check out the instructions below to download Alight Motion fonts:

Step 1: Open the Browser on your phone and search for the fonts you want to download.

Step 2: Download the desired fonts. Remember that the font file must be in .tff format.

Step 3: Go to File Manager and extract the font file.

Step 4: Open the Alight Motion app and click on the + icon (after creating a new project).

Step 5: Click on “Import Fonts” from the options and select file.

Step 6: Select the file, and it will take a bit of loading.

Step 7: Congrats! The downloaded fonts have been added to the app. Choose and write beautiful captions.

Note: The font preview is also available while selecting them. Make sure to pick them up wisely.

What are the Font Categories in Alight Motion?

Once you install and utilize the Alight Motion, you may note that there is a checkbox series in the font styles section of the App. This series brings numerous categories of fonts for users. Well, these categories are accessible according to user videos’ themes and moods. So, the checkbox may look like:

DisplayClassic elegance with small lines at the end of the characters
HandwritingCustomize with a handwritten touch
SerifEnables the classic elegance with small lines at the end of the textures
FavoriteCommunity-loved versatile fonts
Sans SerifClean and modern, without serif lines
MonospaceOrganized appearance with equal character spacing

How can you Add the Custom Fonts to Your Alight Motion App?

Fortunately, this application allows users to upload their desired custom fonts and expand their projects’ beauty. It’s a more authentic and reliable feature of the Alight Motion app that it supports such custom fonts and lets you download and utilize these fonts while editing your video.

  • Open and download your preferred Font file from any official source.
  • Then, move to your Alight Motion App and navigate to the ‘Project’ option.
  • Press on the ‘Media’ section and go for ‘Import Font.’
  • Upload your file to Alight Motion, and let’s use it
How can you utilize the Custom Fonts?

How can you utilize the Custom Fonts?

What you actually want to convey is the best way to utilize the custom fonts in your projects. Once you upload your desired font file to Alight Motion during editing, then you may go through these steps:

  • Ensure the installation of your desired font file to your device
  • Move to Alight Motion and then to a new project
  • Afterward, you may add a text layer
  • Choose your favorite text layers and then ‘View all Fonts.’
  • Now, ‘Import Fonts’ and acquire your downloaded fonts for your new project
  • Enable your ‘Imported Fonts’ and view this text layer appropriately

How can you match the Fonts with your Project in Alight Motion?

If you want to enhance the consistency and harmony of your project, you can match your font with your videos. To do so:

  • Pick up a text layer while editing your video.
  • Then press the button ‘Font’ in Alight Motion and select the Font that’s conveniently similar to your existing elements.
  • Now, you may adjust the space, size, and other aspects to make a balanced look for viewers.
match the Fonts with your Project in Alight Motion

What are the additional customizable Features in Fonts in Alight Motion?

  • Texture addition to fonts
  • Add gradients
  • Curve fonts
  • Apply the glow effects to your fonts
  • 3D effects addition to your desired fonts
  • Animate fonts

Significance of Fonts in Video Editing

The use of stylish fonts within Alight Motion plays an essential role in improving and boosting the impact of video editing. Here are key features to highlight the importance of fonts while editing your project:  

  • Branding: If you’re utilizing a font consistently, it strengthens your brand identity and ensures videos align with the overall brand aspects.
  • Mood Establishment: Several stylish fonts provide the appropriate tone for videos and influence the entire atmosphere and mood of users and viewers.  
  • Artistic Innovation: Fonts allow adding artistic expression, and contributing to the innovation and uniqueness of your video project.
  • Messages Conveyance: Numerous fonts have the proficiency to remind exclusive emotions and facilitate the effective conveyance of messages.
  • Huge Variety: Alight Motion Fonts provide a varied range and are accessible to different styles of projects.
  • Viewer Connection: A thoughtful selection of fonts establishes a reliable connection with viewers and raises the best audience engagement.
  • Visual Communication: Fonts come as a visual language and enhance the communicative power of your narrative.
  • Professional Touch: Appropriate fonts bring professionalism and boost the quality of your video.

Techniques/Tips to Use Fonts in Alight Motion

If you’re interested in making an effective impression on your video editing project, you must know the tips for using the Font. It may result in more productive feedback from your viewers and clients:

  • Font similar to Video Theme

Suppose you are willing to go for playful, sports, or fun video creation, then you can ensure lively and bold fonts (Reference). Your selected fonts must be similar to your video themes and other project elements.

Techniques/Tips to Use Fonts in Alight Motion
  • Try the legible Font.

Well, select the easily readable Font; even if you’re using it on motion graphics, it must be readable to all viewers. Sometimes, the most stylish fonts look attractive, but these fonts are not readable. You need to avoid these stylish fonts.

  • Visual Interest and Fonts Combination

While using the Alight motion, you’re proficient in experiencing different fonts and effects freely. However, you must pick the appealing Font that comes with the best compatibility with your visualization. If it’ll attract you, then the longer video seems more entertaining than the unmatched pairing of your fonts and visual interest.


Are imported fonts safe to use in Alight Motion?

We always recommend you download the fonts from trusted websites. You can check the reviews about the website online. Otherwise, they are safe to use on your smartphone.

How can I add the strokes to Alight Motion Fonts?

You may choose the text layer and then the ‘Stroke’ option. Then, you can easily adjust its settings.

Can I customize the color and style of the Alight Motion fonts?

The Alight Motion library has 2000+ fonts having different styles. You can customize the size and color according to your project requirement, even in the Free version.

How to use fonts in Alight Motion?

Open the app and start a new project. After editing your photos, go to the Text option. Choose your desired fonts and customize (Change color & size) according to your requirements. Enjoy!

Why am I unable to Import my favorite Fonts in the Alight Motion?

The actual cause can associated with fonts downloading and installing on your phone. On the other hand, it can be due to font corruption. If you face such difficulties, you must resolve them by reinstalling the font file conveniently.


Today’s videos are incomplete without adding some stunning fonts. Alight Motion offers several fonts in numerous languages to make them useful for everyone. Whether your targeted audience language is English, Urdu, or Turkish, enjoy the awesome fonts. Don’t think much; download the latest fonts now and add them to your videos.

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